XDSL upgrades all its fibre broadband customers to full throttle, dedicated, 1:1 Internet access – another first in South Africa

XDSL, a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), is upgrading all its fibre broadband customers to dedicated Internet connectivity – that’s Internet at full capacity of your fibre broadband connection, whether 25 megabits per second (Mbps) or 100mbps – at no additional cost. This is a first for the South African fibre broadband market and it is likely to please customers enormously.

XDSL’s Dedicated Internet 1:1 Fibre Service is nationally available and is not limited to only certain suburban areas or metropolitan areas. Utilising our partnerships our fibre footprint reaches the three major metropolitan areas and most towns in South Africa.

Says Danie Fourie, director at XDSL: “XDSL is changing the rules of engagement in this sector in South Africa by setting new standards for value delivery. Our policy is to set our technical capabilities to work to ensure our customers gain maximum value and business advantage. As we have proven to our loyal customer base, we deliver on our promises and the value-add we offer are sustainable.”

XDSL is riding a wave of firsts. “We were first to market with 25/50/100Mbps broadband fibre; first to offer clients a hosted, fully managed, enterprise grade PABX; first to offer fibre broadband clients free Internet connectivity out of the data cabinets at its Centurion data centre; and first to demystify service level provision with a one-page matrix.

“The big challenge for users at present is that market players are competing on price, which often means a watered down offering: a guarantee of a low price with no guarantee of throughput or service levels. Low-cost connectivity with high contention ratios of 1:5 and 1:10 defeats the object of using fibre broadband.”

XDSL’s new offering, in contrast, is competitively priced. It now offers 25, 50 and 100Mbps fibre broadband solutions that are uncapped, unshaped, uncontended and completely scalable. “Our new upgraded fibre broadband offering will become our standard package,” says Fourie. “It gives customers exactly what they want: full throughput … and it is not going to cost them a cent more.”

Will the market follow? “We believe this will push local players to take the next step forward in terms of offering true value for money,” suggests Fourie.

XDSL leverages the fibre networks of key national and international carrier providers, including Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) and Telkom. It has major capacity on the WACS Cable, SAT 3 and Seacom with a Points of Presence (POPs) in nine data centres, from where it provides full time monitoring and management of client networks. Multiple failovers on its network ensure customers stay connected 24/7/365.

For more information, visit www.xdsl.co.za

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XDSL upgrades all its fibre broadband customers to full throttle, dedicated, 1:1 Internet access – another first in South Africa