RSAWEB fundamentally alters the software development landscape.

Following the successful launch in 2014 of ‘Cloud Servers; allowing companies to deploy a server in seconds and only pay per hour when they use it [link:], RSAWEB is set to introduce yet another groundbreaking product into the market this week: Flex Cloud.

Based on Jelastic’s technology, RSAWEB’s Flex Cloud is set to be the next generation hosting platform for JAVA, Ruby and PHP, providing an auto-sizing, highly scalable Cloud platform that will allow developers, software agencies and SaaS vendors to increase efficiency, concentrate on their development and decrease the amount of time spent on infrastructure and server management.

Through Flex Cloud, RSAWEB removes the need for developers to deal with in-house server admins while allowing them to code with no code changes or specific API requirements – that’s right, there is absolutely no Vendor Lock-in.

Flex Cloud also sees a revolutionary change in deployment by offering a single, one-click deployment. Now developers can simply upload their code, choose the right environment, and deploy. The platform also allows for vertical auto-scaling, horizontal scaling and real-time information on your CPU, RAM, Storage and traffic consumption.

RSAWEB’s MD; Rob Gilmour said; “We are incredibly excited about the launch of this new product. We believe that its functionality and ease of use is going to fundamentally alter the way in which local developers code and we are incredibly excited to see the results.”

RSAWEB is currently offering a free 14 day trial of Flex Cloud should you wish to try it out.


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RSAWEB fundamentally alters the software development landscape.