New light fusion technology from Energizer

Energizer latest Light Fusion TechnologyPortable lighting has evolved over the centuries – from the fire-burning torch, to LED technology.

Energizer’s® latest Light Fusion Technology is taking the world of portable lighting one step further.

Over the years, better bulbs and technology have led to brighter and longer lasting light sources.

The conversion from incandescent bulbs and halogen lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights is arguably one of the biggest innovations in the world of portable lighting.

Advancements since then have, however, become somewhat stagnant.

Today, Energizer is transforming the world of portable lighting with their newest range dubbed Fusion.

“Using a combination of innovative design and LED technology, the Energizer Fusion range is advancing portable lighting technology and area lighting, by taking innovation one step further,” says Rashmi Vadivelu, senior brand manager for Energizer South Africa.

The Fusion range makes use of laser-etched optics which Energizer calls Light Fusion Technology to reflect the light waves over a large area instead of concentrating them into one point.

Light from several LEDs is spread evenly across the element by hundreds of tiny dots, called Light Fusion Elements.

The elements are created on both sides of the panel by the laser etching process in order to provide full room lighting and ensure a brilliantly uniform illuminated area.

“The portable lights deliver the same amount of brightness as comparable performing products, but over a larger surface area,” says Vadivelu.

“The even distribution of light is easier on the eyes as it prevents one from focusing on a single intense point, which often leads to seeing spots and Energizer’s obstruction free design provides brilliant illumination,” Vadivelu continues.

The lights can use both disposable alkaline and rechargeable NiMH AA batteries in sets of four or eight; this does not affect the brightness, only the runtime.

Products have an IPX4 water resistance rating meaning that they can endure minor splashes and downpours but cannot be fully submerged in water.

”We developed and tested portable light concepts, borrowing from household lights, driving innovation and differentiation by providing vibrant, uniform area lighting in a compact, lightweight versatile form powered by AA batteries”, says Vadivelu.

The Energizer Fusion Folding Lantern and 2 in 1 Standing Light will be available from C.U.M, Makro, Outdoor Warehouse, Pick n Pay, Sportsmans Warehouse and selected Game stores from the beginning of March this year. Energizer's latest Light Fusion Technology

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New light fusion technology from Energizer