Oracle: CIOs to become obsolete, need to transform

Digital is placing pressure on CIOs and will force them to innovate faster than ever before

Oracle hosted their CIO Summit in Sandton and according to Oracle country manager Kevin Attard, there is increasing pressure on CIOs (chief information officers) to embrace change and specifically the change that digital brings to the market.

Attard pointed out that CIOs are, “talking about innovating faster, about not being relegated to the passenger seat. Competition is intensifying, and not always by the traditional opposition but by newcomers.”

He said that today’s CIO needs to transform into the chief acceleration officer and embrace the change that digital is introducing to the industry, “Digital is going to change everything.”
“In Africa, the speed of embracing technology is moving at the speed of light. If you are not embracing it, you will be out of business.”

Attard points out that company priorities at the moment are:
• Readiness for inorganic growth
• Efficiency in post-merger integration
• Growth from non-traditional markets
• Demand for faster innovation cycles
• Rapid response to non-traditional competitors
• Digital transformation of the business.

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According to Attard companies need the right platform in order to embrace their new digital business, one that can enable rapid innovation, deliver standardisation with open standards and keep pace with change.

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Oracle: CIOs to become obsolete, need to transform