10 reasons to game on MSI Gaming All-In-One PCs

Want to know what gaming on MSI Gaming All-in-One PCs (AIO) is all about? Here are 10 reasons why gaming on MSI’s AIO simply gives you the best gaming experience.

1. The best display

The AIO has Anti-Flicker Technology that prevents dry eyes, fatigue and eyestrain.

It stabilizes power current to prevent flickering invisible to the eye under normal conditions and reduces Blue Light emission.

When used for many hours, it effectively reduces eyestrain and improves productivity.

The AIO anti-glare display also reduces amount of light that reflects off the display, making viewing more pleasant for gamers.

With instant display via HDMI, the AIO can be used as a FHD monitor for a game console without turning on the entire system.

With HDMI-out and VGA-out you can also connect 2 external displays for a triple display PC experience.

2. The most powerful graphics

MSI packs a high-performance graphics card into the slim size chassis of the gaming AIO.

MSI is the first to introduce the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M-series discrete gaming graphics cards with up to 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and full DirectX 11 support.

3. The most incredible sound

To provide gamers with the ultimate audio experience, MSI partnered up with Yamaha to incorporate high-quality Yamaha 5W Speakers & Amplifier.

The AIO also features an independent subwoofer providing clearer sounds, realistic bass tones and the best audio fidelity.

You can easily switch between front speakers audio output and headphone output at any time.

The speakers can be enabled independently and there is no need to unplug the headset.

4. The fastest internet connection

Killer DoubleShot combines Killer Ethernet and WiFi adapters, built for superior online traffic speeds and low latency.

Advanced Stream Detect automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive applications for online games.

5. The most reliable hardware

The AIO features Military Class components for stable gaming and long-term reliability, such as Hi-c CAP highly energy-efficient capacitors.

It also boasts super-permeable ferrite cores ensuring lower temperatures and stable currents and an aluminum core design, providing low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and +10-year lifespan.

6. The smartest software

The AIO has a user-friendly GUI for full control of display settings (ScenaMax), online connectivity, fine-tuning microphone and speaker and monitoring system performance.

This allows users to record, broadcast and share the most awesome gaming moments with other gamers online.

You can also use XSplit Gamecaster to stream all of your gaming activities, add a Webcam to show your game face, share your broadcast, use in-game annotations and upload your greatest gaming moments.

7. The craziest loading times

MSI Gaming AIO can support up to three mSATA SSD that can be configured to run in RAID 0 for read speeds of up to 1500MB/sec, taking gaming loading times to unprecedented speeds.

8. The greatest connectivity

The MSI Gaming AIOs are packed with ports to connect your headset, keyboard, mouse, printer and other premium devices.

9. The highest power efficiency

The AIO uses the most high-end mobile gaming components and integrates the display and audio technology all in one machine, thereby saving a lot of power and costs on the electricity bill.

10. The sexiest design

With its ultra slim design, a gamer doesn’t need a full desktop anymore to accompany his gaming display, giving any gaming desk at home a fresh and clean look.

The four VESA wall mount holes on the back allows for mounting the AIO on a wall.

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10 reasons to game on MSI Gaming All-In-One PCs