Get a 3 month data rollover with Axxess


Axxess Mobile and capped DSL Combo data rolls over for three months, allowing users to bank their unused data to use later.

With Axxess 3 Month Rollover, any unused data accumulates from month-to-month for 3 months.

The Rollover option is available on Axxess’ Capped DSL Combo accounts and all Axxess Mobile accounts.

Clients won’t lose their accumulated rollover data when upgrading or downgrading their accounts as long as they remain active Axxess clients.

Axxess Mobile account

Axxess Mobile is powered by MTN’s network, and existing MTN contract customers can use Axxess Mobile data without having to change SIMs.

For users without MTN SIMS, Axxess is offering MTN-powered data-only SIM cards.

Being powered by MTN’s powerful network means that Axxess Mobile has widespread coverage in South Africa.

Axxess Mobile also has no Out of Bundle data rates, so users can simply top up when they run out without having to worry about surprise bills.

Axxess Mobile is also always unshaped and has no prioritisation of any traffic, offering a better, faster connection.

Axxess offers a variety of Mobile Data accounts, the most popular of which is the 2GB Monthly Data deal for only R98 p/m with free SIM delivery.

Axxess Capped DSL Combo accounts

Axxess Capped DSL combo accounts allow users to save money by combining their ADSL lines and data.

DSL allows you to share an Axxess high speed internet connection and your voice calls over the same physical telephone line.

The DSL service is supported on an account with a monthly subscription from Telkom.

The DSL is also always unshaped, and offers a static IP, giving users more options and control of their networks.

An internet account can be instantly activated in under a minute and offers 10 concurrent connections, allowing users to use their ADSL account from ten locations.

Axxess offers a range of Capped DSL Combo option, with their best-seller offering 30GB of data on a 4Mbps DSL line for R369 p/m.

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Get a 3 month data rollover with Axxess