Get access to millions of high-quality images with Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock currently features about 40 million images, and will expand to video and other formats in the near future.

It is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud, so it can be launched directly within CC desktop apps.

Licensing an image for finished work can be done directly within any CC desktop application, with edits made to the watermarked image applied to the purchased full‐resolution image.

Currently, contributors have to go through a more typical web-based workflow when they want to submit images.

But Adobe is working on integrating the workflow for creatives who want to bring their own content to Adobe Stock.

The process is very much like that at iStock or Shutterstock, in that potential contributors have to apply to the program by submitting sample images of their work.

Once they have been approved, they will receive 33% of the royalties every time one of their image is sold.

Flexible purchase options enable creatives and marketers to buy single images, as they need them or purchase a monthly plan.

Saving up to 40% – Creative Cloud members get the best value when they add an Adobe Stock annual plan option to their Creative Cloud membership.

Creatives who sign up for a 10-images-per-month plan can “rollover” unused images for up to a year (most month-to-month stock subscription plans require creatives to use all images each month or lose them).

For customers who are not Creative Cloud members, a standalone Adobe Stock service offers single-image pricing, as well as month-to-month and annual membership plans.

Support for Adobe Stock is integrated into the 2015 release of Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC.

Adobe recently unveiled Adobe Stock globally as part of its Creative Cloud solution, and the service is available in 36 countries – including South Africa.

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Get access to millions of high-quality images with Adobe Stock