Moving security controls into data centres offers advanced protection

VMware has teamed up with Check Point to offer advanced security for enterprise private cloud environments through a new software-defined data centre offering.

Organisations are constantly faced with internal and external threats to their networks, but security tends to focus on perimeter defence.

This solution, based on integration between Check Point vSEC virtual network security and VMware NSX, moves security controls inside the data centre to enforce security for all traffic.

Customers will benefit from:

  • Fully automated advanced threat protection for east-west traffic inside the data centre
  • Dynamic deployment and scale out of Check Point vSEC for software-defined data centre environments
  • Comprehensive threat visibility across all data centre traffic

How it works

With VMware NSX, security is delivered as part of the data centre network infrastructure, and micro-segmentation becomes operationally and economically feasible.

VMware NSX transparently inserts and orchestrates Check Point vSEC for advanced traffic inspection.

Customers can accelerate security service deployment and get the same level of security for traffic inside their data centres as Check Point provides at the perimeter gateway.

This becomes especially important in today’s dynamic cloud environments, where applications must be provisioned on-demand, and be highly portable across the infrastructure.

The combined solution enables traffic – whether coming in and out of the data centre, or moving within the data centre between applications – to be fully protected against malware, APTs and zero-day attacks.

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Moving security controls into data centres offers advanced protection