Software AG unveils its Digital Business Platform in South Africa

Software AG’s new Digital Business Platform is designed to enable organisations to master digitisation and help businesses adapt to a changing environment.

The platform adds a layer of agility to enable business to react faster to an increasingly digitised, customer-centric, real-time and multi-channel world.

The Digital Business Platform was unveiled at Software AG’s Innovation Day, where Software AG emphasised that digitisation should not fall into the domain of the IT department alone, but should be a key focus for every department in the enterprise.

IT systems must support business growth and businesses must change their systems and strategies to survive, Software AG said.

“At Software AG, we believe that not every business is a digital business, but every business must become digital,” said Mohamed Cassoojee, Software AG South Africa’s VP and country manager.

Software AG also examined issues facing the public sector, such as quickly implementing upgraded digital systems that can deliver services more efficiently and how to successfully address challenges and ensure the best possible productivity.

South African public service delivery is challenged on many fronts, but not least of them is the fact that much of it still depends on manual, paper-based processes, Cassoojee said.

His talks with numerous public sector organisations have revealed that many still use paper-based processes. “This slows operations, adds to costs and increases the potential for fraud.”

In contrast, digitisation and automation can significantly improve public service delivery by increasing accuracy and efficiency.

It can also reduce costs and the risk of fraud, allowing public service organisations to accurately predict infrastructure breakdowns, social needs or other changes in the environment.

Public sector organisations have used digitisation and automation to underpin new applications and systems that improve every facet of public sector operations.

These include reducing operational costs to enhancing the efficiency of utilities, improving revenue collection, combating crime and fraud more effectively and aggregating and analysing data more accurately.

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Software AG unveils its Digital Business Platform in South Africa