Huawei Enterprise launches new IT products in South Africa

Huawei Enterprise has introduced two new products – The OceanStor V3 Series Converged Storage Systems and Huawei’s FusionServers – to the South African market.

The Huawei OceanStor V3 Series Converged Storage Systems can create outstanding simplicity, high reliability and efficiency, as well as on-demanding provisioning for businesses.

They are equipped with an industry-leading hardware platform, unified and efficient management software, and a unique OceanStor OS that enables five levels of convergence:

  • The convergence of SAN and NAS;
  • Convergence of entry-level, mid-range and high-end storage;
  • Convergence of devices from multiple vendors;
  • Convergence of performance (Solid-State Drive or SSD) and capacity (Hard Disk Drive or HDD); and
  • The convergence of primary and back-up storage.

The convergence of SSD and HDD, for instance, combines the advantages of traditional and solid-state storage media, ensuring that an optimal balance is struck between performance and cost.

The innovative V3 series are the only storage systems that enable high-end, mid-range, and entry-level storage systems to inter-network seamlessly with one another without the assistance of third-party systems.

This allows businesses to simplify service deployment, improve storage utilisation and reduce total cost of ownership.

Customers who have deployed an OceanStor V3 series converged storage system no longer need to purchase extra backup software or devices.

This is because the V3 series provide backup functions to help customers save costs and use resources more efficiently, thus simplifying the backup process.

The system can be widely applied to various industries ranging from government, finance, telecommunications, energy, media and entertainment.

¨Huawei is the first vendor in the industry to launch the converged data architecture to help customers build future-oriented cloud architecture-based data management systems,¨ said Xing Deng, Global Vice President of the Storage Product Line for the Huawei Enterprise Business Group.

¨The Huawei V3 Series is set to unleash a new era in storage innovation, helping transform traditional enterprise storage systems into future-proof models,¨ he added at Huawei’s Agile Network 3.0 Conference and Launch.

At Huawei Enterprise’s Eastern and Southern Africa Technology Showcase, the company also unveiled its latest data-centre servers.

Huawei’s servers currently hold 365 world records for performance, including the fastest SAP HANA appliance in the world. Their servers also boast a 15% lower fault rate than the industry average.

Huawei also holds the number two spot in Blade Server Shipments to global markets and the third position in Modular Server shipments to global markets.

One of the servers to be displayed will be the X6800 Data Centre Server, a next-generation data centre server which is optimised to implement all aspects of business into one solution.

This server is designed for various applications such as cloud computing and big data, and is an optimal choice for the IT infrastructure of a cloud data centre.

Two of Huawei’s V3 Rack Servers made their debut appearance:

  • The flexible component configuration of the Huawei FusionServer RH5885 V3 Rack Server makes it a cost-effective server for databases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, and virtualisation.
  • The RH2288 V3 Rack Server offers large storage capacity, flexible resource expansion, and high computing performance.

The Huawei RH2288 V3 is an ideal choice for Internet, big data, cloud computing, telecom services, and key enterprise applications.

¨Huawei is dedicated to developing high-quality servers for DC consolidation and optimization,¨ said Derek Friend, Large Enterprise Division Director of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group for Eastern and Southern Africa.

¨With profound expertise and rich experience,Huawei can provide products and solutions with differentiated core competitive strengths to accelerate business transformation.¨

Through enhancing data centre agility, Huawei will continue to help customers leverage opportunities in their business evolution.

With Huawei’s strong experience in research and development, open and collaborative approach and customer-centric solutions, Huawei is dedicated to helping enterprises safeguard IT investments, support rapid expansion and achieve operational excellence.

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Huawei Enterprise launches new IT products in South Africa