Try Flex Cloud autoscaling cloud infrastructure for free

RSAWEB is offering a free trial of its new auto-sizing cloud platform Flex Cloud, which is ideal for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Node.js & .NET developers who are looking to simplify their code deployments and environment scaling.

Powered by Jelastic, Flex Cloud removes the need for in-house server admins, saving you time and increasing productivity, enabling developers, software agencies and SaaS vendors to increase efficiency, spend less time on managing infrastructure and servers and focus on development instead.

By removing the burdens that come with infrastructure transformation, Flex Cloud is able to avoid the performance variability challenges that most Cloud service providers experience when using legacy storage systems.

Here are some key reasons to consider RSAWEB’s hosting:

  • Runs PHP/Java/Ruby: With no code-changes required. You don’t need to code to any APIs. There is absolutely no Vendor Lock-In.
  • One-click deployment: It couldn’t be easier to deploy an application to the cloud. Simply upload your package and choose the right environment.
  • Open software stacks: Mix and match the stacks, including Tomcat, TomEE, Glassfish, Jetty, Apache, NGINX, JDK, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB.
  • Deploy via GIT or SVN: You can deploy any public or your private projects via GIT/SVN. If you made any changes in your code, just update it from GIT/SVN in one click.
  • Control and analyze: You get real-time information on your application load, memory, CPU, and traffic consumption. In addition to this, historical data is always available for your analysis.
  • Vertical autoscaling: As your application’s resource requirements begin to grow it automatically increase the computing resources, ensuring your application performs optimally.
  • Horizontal scaling: You can scale your Application horizontally to increase availability and resources. The load is distributed evenly between the chosen number of nodes with the help of balancer.
  • Multi-tenancy: A 100% multi-tenant cloud platform. Each customer environment is a dedicated and securely isolated container.
  • High-availability: Instances in a HA cluster are paired up. If one of the instances fails, the users who were on that instance get automatically (non-disruptive) switched to the other instance.
  • Environment cloning: Once an environment is created, you can clone it with one-click. For example using your production environment to set up a 100% identical test environment.

Flex Cloud offers a predictable platform that eliminates the storage I/O bottlenecks commonly associated with legacy systems, enabling a versatile billing model, allowing you to choose if you prefer usage based pricing, fixed pricing, or a combination of both options (Hybrid Pricing).

Once combined with the built-in efficiencies of deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning, Flex Cloud is able to offer a powerful high-performance Cloud solution that is able to handle the demands of both testing and development in mission-critical environments at a cost that makes sense to customers.

RSAWEB is offering a 14 day free trial of Flex Cloud to show how you can increase deployment efficiency and save on costs.

The following Flex Cloud video explains how this product will help you:

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Try Flex Cloud autoscaling cloud infrastructure for free