MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals came to the perfect ending

MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena), a globally renowned eSports tournament which hosted by the leading gaming brand, MSI.

The MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 Global Grand Finals ended on Monday , 31st of August 2015, seeing the two champions from each games being crowned, SOS from Jin Air Green Wings, as the MSI MGA Starcraft II champion, and MVP Black as the Heroes of the Storm champion.

MVP Black won the grand final champion of Heroes of the Storm

MVP Black showcased Korea’s best dual tank, dual supports, with a formidable carry, while Tempo Storm uses a single tank strategy against MVP Black which countered with two tanks. MVP Black ends the event with a 3:0 score to make MSI Masters Gaming Arena’s Heroes of the Storm tournament event end with success.

HOTS Position

NO.1- MVP Black(KR)

NO.2- Tempo Storm(US)

NO.3- Cloud 9(US)

NO.4- Team Liquid(EU)

sOs won the StarCraft® II Grand Finals, beat the 2014 Beat IT Champion Solar

Fighting through a group stage in this event has seen the players competing non-stop over the chance to go into the playoffs, and sOs had performed with outstanding results, proving himself to be one of the best in the world. It was a major victory for SoS, as he played intensively against Solar to win 3:0 to win the grand prize of $10,000 USD, and Solar that has won $4,000 USD.

SC II Position

NO.1- sOs

NO.2- Solar

Semifinalist- PartinG & INnoVation

After months of non-stop qualifiers and arriving in Seattle to complete the final phase of the event, the event concluded successfully on 31st August 2015. MSI would like to give our congratulations to all of the winners of the MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 Global Grand Finals, and thank you to all of the players who have participated in our event. We would also like to thank all of the fans who have tuned in to watch the event, which wouldn’t be possible without your support!

sOs won the StarCraft II Grand Finals

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MSI MGA 2015 Global Grand Finals came to the perfect ending