OCAL Global Journey for Change challenges belief system around disability

On 28 April, 2016, 12 strangers united under the OCAL Global banner on a journey from Cape Town to Pretoria.

Over 10 days and nights, they would travel 1800km through the heart of South Africa in a 24-hour, non-stop relay.

They will culminate their run in the Wings for Life World Run on 7 May 2017, at Supersport Park in Pretoria, running for those who can’t.

On 27 April, 2017, a new team will do it all again.

New team, new route, same message: there is no such thing as disability, we are all just differently abled.

The team will be made up of 10 able-bodied runners and two hand cyclists.

Each member of the team will have different strengths, different weaknesses.

Each will be differently abled. But all will be united by a singular cause – to challenge the global belief system around disability.

“Disability is something that you create within yourself… that disables you from living a life that’s whole and that’s full and that’s meaningful,” says OCAL founder Nicolene Mostert.

“We don’t need to feel a sense of pity towards people that are differently abled. That they just want to be treated equally like all of us and that you can still have a normal and meaningful and active life, full of adventure and amazing moments, just in your differently abled body.”

The new team will no doubt face extreme challenges on their journey – from sore bodies and self-doubt to soaring temperatures and driving rains – but in their darkest hours, they will endure, knowing that their efforts will not be in vain.

The OCAL 2017 JOURNEY FOR CHANGE is not only being run to raise awareness around “disability”, but will also be raising funds for Tembaletu LSEN School (School for Learners with Special Education Needs).

All funds raised will be used to purchase sporting equipment and kit, as well as the building and the installation of sports facilities at the school.

The Mission and Aim is to ensure that we create a physical and active environment for the Differently Abled children, one school at a time.

The learners that attend this school will be part of OCAL’s ongoing journey and commitment, knowing how crucial education is in bridging the inequalities that are present within this nation of ours.

It will be an epic journey for the team, one that will forge new bonds and friendships, but ultimately it will be about challenging a perception that differently abled people are broken in some way.

OCAL Global has proudly partnered with PUMA and Garmin Southern Africa, which is at the forefront of sport and fitness technology and has a long history of creating innovative products, for this year’s journey.

“We are excited to have partnered with OCAL, which is an acronym for One Chance at Life. This motto mirrors our tag line of #BeatYesterday which embodies the spirit of challenging yourself and seizing every opportunity to be a better person than you were yesterday,” said Jenna Chisnall, Marcomms Manager of Garmin Sub Saharan Africa.

The OCAL runners will be equipped with Forerunner 35 watches. These watches include Garmin LiveTrack software which can be used by the team to track the runners whilst they are on route.

The OCAL hand cyclists will be using Garmin’s cycling range of products to further enhance their performance and safety on the roads.

The Garmin Varia range of products promote safer cycling with the Varia Rear View Radar, the world’s first cycling radar that warns of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters.

The Varia Smart Bike automatically projects further ahead as the cyclists speed increases or closer as a rider’s speed decreases.

For more information, visit the OCAL Global website.

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OCAL Global Journey for Change challenges belief system around disability