Whether it’s for a new address, or a simple “faxed,” “fragile” or “paid” message, when your customer needs a rubber stamp they will be looking for a convenient, reliable source.

The Brother Stampcreator PRO SC 2000 is a commercial system that entrepreneurs can build into a major profit centre by turning signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photos and logos into pre-inked stamps while their customers wait. It’s an ideal solution for anyone in the stamp manufacturing business or in the related fields of printing, stationery, mailing centres, copy centres, office supplies or other personalised product or office equipment business, who wants to grow their bottom line.

“With the Brother Stampcreator PRO SC 2000, you can offer convenience and high quality,” says Dale de Villiers, marketing and product planning, Brother International SA. “Your customer’s stamps can be made while they wait.”

“It’s the perfect stamp solution for entrepreneurs who want to grow their existing business, and for start-ups seeking a profitable business opportunity through the creation of customised stamps,” says De Villiers. “Because the process is so quick, customers can order a stamp from a store, mall cart or pop-up shop, do their shopping, and collect it on they way out.”

Pre-inked, refillable and fast drying

“Stamps help people get through practically every job faster and easier, but no one ever plans ahead to buy a stamp,” says De Villiers. “However, when your customers need one, they need it now, and you can give it to them with the Brother Stampcreator PRO.”

With the innovative Stampcreator PRO system, virtually anything that can be viewed on a computer monitor can become a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamps.

A complete system

The SC-2000 Processing Unit comes complete with Windows software, serial and USB cables, thermal ribbon cassette, 150 draft sheets and five stamps. The illustrated instruction manual and interactive tutorial will show you the way to use the system in great detail. A one-year warranty is included.

Stamps are available in 11 different sizes and 4 colours: Black, Blue, Red and Green. All stamps are refillable with fast-drying ink. Stamps will last up to 50,000 impressions with proper re-inking.

Three simple steps to producing instant stamps

Whether you are an established stamp manufacturer, copy shop, express service or stationery supplier, or you are just setting up your own business, the Brother Stampcreator PRO creates pre-inked stamps speedily, making it the most margin-friendly on the market.

In the past, in-house stamp production required hours of training and expensive equipment, but the new Stampcreator PRO produces stamps in just three simple steps: and the equipment is cost-effective.

  1. Design the stamp on your PC using the included software.
    Choose from over 150 stamp templates or custom design a stamp using clip-art, signatures, logos, and even photographs.
  2. Expose the stamp.
    The Stampcreator PRO connects to your computer allowing the user to print the stamp data just like printing a document. Then the user simply places the mount in the creation bay and closes the door.
  3. Assemble the stamp.
    In a matter of seconds the stamp is assembled and internal inking process is initiated. In 10 to 15 minutes the stamp will be fully inked and ready to use.

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