The team from Brother International South Africa (Pty) Ltd recently joined forces with the Friends of Groenkloof Nature Reserve (FGNR) to help eradicate alien invasive plants and assist with maintenance and erosion control in the Nature Reserve and surrounding green areas south of Tshwane in order to support the conservation and rehabilitation efforts of the reserve and to promote the sustainable utilisation of the area.


The main objective of the Groenkloof Nature Reserve project is sustain and protect the established plant and wildlife, whilst also facilitating low impact recreational activities such as hiking and cycling trails in the reserve. The FGNR work parties are focused on eradicating invasive plants such as Wattle and Lantana; removing litter and assisting with maintaining pathways and erosion control.

Lead by the Nature Conservation section, work parties offer volunteers the opportunity to get outside and experience nature; to learn a bit about the area and the effect of alien vegetation on our environment; and to be involved in meaningful activities designed to preserve, rehabilitate and improve for future generations.

More than 100 invasive plants were removed on the day.

No stranger to conservation, Brother International has a long history with global Eco-consciousness through the established Brother Earth division. Brother Earth is focused on protecting the environment and illustrates this commitment through measurable environmental activities worldwide as well as through the development of eco-conscious technologies and products; from packaging design optimisation and low energy standby to coatless surfaces and low-noise belt drives in sewing machines.

Brother International has also taken measures to reduce the energy consumed at manufacturing factories, as well as enhancing the environmental performance of each product so that factories are more eco-friendly creating Brother’s Eco-Factories.

“Everyone can make a conscious effort to make our environment a better place. Brother South Africa is also doing its part to contribute to going green! We are proud to be involved in initiatives that encourage conservation and sustainability in support of environment” says Dale de Villiers, marketing manager at Brother South Africa.