1. Compact

30% of customers choose desktop scanners because they’re more compact and convenient

2. Time-saving

Less time is wasted walking to the A3 copier and potentially waiting in a queue

3. Customised Interface

Personalise the touch screen and create shortcuts for ease of use and smoother workflow.

4. Familiarity

Desktop scanners and multi-function printers share a similar interface leading to reduced training and user error.

5. Fast Scanning

Scan up to 50 pages per minute double-sided, eliminating waiting time

6. More scans daily

Scan up to 5,000 sheets per day using the Automatic Document Feeder

7. Great versatility

Scan anything from a credit card to a crumpled receipt, or different paper sizes in one batch

8. Advanced image processing

Brother desktop scanners auto-correct documents, providing higher quality digital files

9. Extra security

Reduce the risk of leaving sensitive materials on a multi-user device – assisting in GDPR compliance

10. Maximum Productivity

Easily share documents with anyone, anywhere – improving workflow efficiency

Brother’s range of standalone scanners brings rich scanning functions to the home and office environments. The new Automatic Document Scanner (ADS) and Mobile Document Scanner (MDS) are designed to save time, improve efficiency and aid workflow within organisations. Delivering ease of use and powerful performances every time. View the range here.