The hard lockdown in March 2020 accelerated the need for companies to enable remote working. However, the overnight overhaul of work environments pushed many businesses into an unprecedented sink-or-swim situation. It’s one thing to set people up at home with a laptop and internet connection; quite another to ensure the new system is secure, compliant, and able to improve rather than impede productivity.

COVID-19 made cloud computing compulsory for businesses that want a right to play in the new hybrid world of work. Those who migrated to Microsoft Azure, or were already operational on the platform, could continue – and enhance – operations with little to no impact on productivity.

For these businesses, moving to the cloud catalysed their digital transformation. With Microsoft Azure, you too can overhaul your operations with relevant, scalable technology that protects the heart of the enterprise: your data.

Why do you need a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP?

The right cloud architecture, configured to your organisation’s unique requirements, challenges, and target outcomes, is critical to the success of your digital transformation. Unless cloud computing is your core business, you’ll want the most capable outsourced managed services provider to help you thrive in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

Azure Expert MSPs are recognised and independently verified as the most capable Azure service providers in the world. At the time of writing, there were fewer than 100 Azure Expert MSPs globally, and only one South African company with this prestigious status: BUI.

Expert MSPs undergo rigorous annual assessments to prove their Azure competency and ability to meet updated technological standards.

With highly experienced technical teams who are experts at building bespoke solutions for Azure, BUI offers services and support across your entire cloud computing journey, from consulting and solution design to product development and delivery, through system monitoring, optimisation, and expert management.

The Microsoft Azure Expert MSP badge is an assurance that BUI has the skills, demonstrated ability, and next-generation managed services offerings to help you reap the benefits of the cloud today and wherever your digital transformation journey may take you.

Here’s how BUI supports you on your journey to Azure:

Expert Azure advice

Microsoft Azure offers over 200 products, solutions, tools, and frameworks designed to help you better build and manage business applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge.

In our experience, businesses only scratch the surface of Azure – because they either don’t understand what’s possible on the platform, or they’re concerned about the cost and complexity of diving in.

Some businesses, for example, don’t know that they can use high-end services for free for a limited period. It’s a great way to give Azure a trial run to see if it’s right for your business, and we suspect you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

As an Azure Expert MSP, BUI has in-depth knowledge and experience across the entire Azure product offering. We’re first to hear about new products and new features added to existing products. This means we can advise you on the right technology for your needs, budget, and desired outcome. And we always design our solutions to scale.

Flexible resourcing

As your expert partner, BUI can plan and facilitate your move to the cloud in short, focused iterations designed to deliver immediate, scalable value.

Our skilled technologists can augment your team as and when needed, whether you’re looking for advice or support with end-to-end Azure architecture design and deployment, or ongoing management and optimisation.

Service excellence

Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs work hard to earn and keep their premier status. We’re subject to rigorous annual assessments and audits to confirm that we’ve invested in the people, processes, operations, and technology to implement one of the world’s leading cloud computing solutions.

BUI will strategically assess your current environment, and design a plan to either migrate to Microsoft Azure or establish your roots in the cloud. Then we’ll build, deploy, and manage your tailored business solutions and applications to ensure an optimal Azure experience.

True cloud and security expertise

When you partner with BUI, you get all the help you need from a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP – and much more. As a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, we bring world-class security expertise to every project, to help organisations prepare for evolving cyberthreats.

Our a2zManaged service offers a bespoke approach to Azure migrations. Through a2zManaged, we guarantee you the right advice, the right solutions, the right management, and the right security for your business, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Ready to revolutionise the way you work, optimise costs, and migrate to Azure with confidence? Find out why Microsoft named us cloud partner of the year for six years running. Get in touch with our experts today.