CipherWave offers support to companies affected by the data centre fire at another provider not affiliated to CipherWave this weekend, and offers data recovery assistance.

A data centre, NOT belonging to CipherWave has had a serious fire and many effected business systems and infrastructure is down.  CipherWave has offered free support and hosting and through CSSI any data recovery services needed to reconstruct RAID’s or hard drives.

CipherWave who was inundated with phone calls on Monday and throughout the evening has just advised affected companies and businesses whose infrastructure was affected free support, hosting and virtual machine setup inside CipherWave’s Data Centre in Midrand.

The executive team of CipherWave and headed by Jonathan Mason, MD of CipherWave currently in the UK had finished a late evening conference call and has made available immediate 40 server racks, 100 Intel based Xeon servers, and provisioned to make available excess capacity on their Fibre backbone to assist companies who had been adversely effected by this unfortunate circumstance that had occurred at this other data centre provider.

“We cannot support every company, but we will offer and can with our specialist teams support a number of businesses where we can as we can appreciate and do acknowledge what even a single day of down time means to you.  On top of this we will not charge any affected entity for any of our support, assistant, hosting or setup fees during this month” says Mason.

CipherWave operates CipherVault™ – their category-5 rated data centre in Midrand, and which is the only data vault of its kind in the country.  Included with the benefits of security and being a high availability data centre, the facility is highly competitive and a significant market player and guarantees every single client 99.8% uptime.

Any company who was adversely affected may contact the CipherWave support number 24 hours on 0860 070 070, or visit the website:

Data Recovery assistance will be provided by CSSI, and the company has offered to provide discounts and round the clock recovery work should any company require to recover their hard drives, RAID systems or any other media devices that could have been damaged by this event.  For assistance, contact 011-541-9900, or visit: