CSSI (Computer Storage Services) offer free Data Recovery Services in South Africa.

As South Africa’s top Data Recovery Lab, CSSI offers free recovery to all South African businesses and South African Citizens on MyData.

CSSI is the only data recovery entity in South Africa who have developed in conjunction with hard drive manufacturers their own data recovery systems and software.  In so doing CSSI have won numerous accolades including the Ministers award for scientific and technological breakthrough and today announce their DR services free

According to CSSI, their Data Recovery services will be free of charge to all MyData customers who use or sign-up for CipherArchive starting at R80 per month and who are South African citizens or registered business.  The CipherArchive™ software is an online electronic backup software package that allows users and businesses to encrypt, compress and transmit their data securely to South Africa’s only category-5 data centre called CipherVault.  CipherArchive makes use of delta blocking, which means that even large files of Gigabytes in size can be transferred rapidly as only changed blocks are transmitted.  A standard user can complete a full backup in an average of about four to six minutes per day.

CSSI has made the software available for download with full functionality free for 14 days.  CipherArchive is easy to use, friendly and extensively used in the market for over three years.  It is a powerful backup agent that allows for bare metal restore and snapshotting functionality in its Pro version.  The software is available in CipherArchive “Pro” for businesses and corporates and in CipherArchive “Lite” for private, desktop and mobile users.

CSSI has stated that should any South African company or South African citizen who is registered and is an active user of CipherArchive and should they experience a computer failure from any data loss event or hard drive crash, CSSI will undertake to recover the data at no charge even if the user has not recently backed up their data.

It is a known fact that data recovery costs can range from a couple of thousand Rands and escalate into the tens of thousands, plus weeks of delay and loss of productivity.  Utilising CipherArchive is a cheap, very powerful and effective tool to safeguard ones private and organisational data and an innovative offering from one of South Africa’s most entrepreneurial businesses.

In the light of the new regulations, consumer protection, Kings III and directorship responsibility in the legislature coming into law this offering is the most innovative, secure and cost effective method available to protect data, to backup and archive records.  It complies to the latest regulations and requirements in South Africa and International protocol standards.  As a significant value-add to the South African consumer and business owner, CSSI will provide data recovery support and recovery engineers, its main core offering, at no charge should any scenario unfold that could result in data loss.

For further information or to sign up now, email [email protected] or call CSSI on 0861 (MY DATA) 69 3282