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Why sustainable IT equates to sustainable business

Aug 21st, 2019

Although South African business leaders may feel somewhat besieged by bad news and murmurs of ‘unbearable’ Eskom tariff hikes, tech-fuelled innovation is providing business with new options to lower energy consumption.


Why Edge Computing is set to transform global industry

Jul 18th, 2019

While it is arguable that the world doesn’t need yet another technology buzz-phrase, the emergence of ‘edge computing’ is worth understanding.



CloudGate is a palm-sized computer capable of running Linux, Windows 10 and the Chromium operating systems. With an Intel Quad-Core CPU and a solid-state hard drive, CloudGate is a powerful replacement for most tower computers at a fraction of the cost. Plug in a screen, keyboard & mouse and you have the perfect minicomputer for business or education. Drawing less than 10% of the power and taking up only a fraction of the desk space compared to a regular desktop computer, it is a very energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative to conventional computing.


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