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CloudGate collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate IoT success

Mar 26th, 2020 Edit post

CloudGate today announced it has achieved it’s Microsoft Azure Certification for Internet of Things (IoT) on its CloudGate X. 


The PC is dead, long live the PC

Mar 2nd, 2020 Edit post

Small, capable and packed with power, something small is making its way to the desktop.


SME technology in 2020: A path to efficiency

Feb 14th, 2020 Edit post

The technology-savvy small to medium enterprise (SME) is far more likely to invest into the fundamentals of technology than into the trendy ones that are making the news.


Three simple steps to becoming more carbon-friendly

Nov 14th, 2019 Edit post

For South African organisations across sectors, it is becoming imperative to embrace greener, more environmentally-friendly operational practices.


Why Micro Computing can drive digitisation in SA school

Nov 4th, 2019 Edit post

With President Cyril Ramaphosa firmly committed to digitising the public school education system over the next six years, there is strong momentum for this critical shift to take place.


Five powerful mini PCs under R5k

Sep 30th, 2019 Edit post

By Aaron Thornton, Managing Director, Dial a Nerd

While we’re not preaching a life of minimalism, who doesn’t need a little extra office space – and for that matter, extra cash at month end? That’s why we’ve taken the time to hunt down five mini PCs priced under R5 000…first, to make your life easier, and second, to introduce you to the multiple benefits of mini PCs! Also, did we mention that mini PCs reduce your carbon footprint, while also cutting down on expensive power usage?

Here are a few models that can replace your home PC, while still running the same operating system you’re familiar with…Windows.

Welcome to our Top 5 picks under R5k!

1. Acer Aspire Mini PC

The sleek Acer Aspire is a superb start for anyone wanting to go “mini”. It has the basic RAM, CPU and power consumption you would expect from a mini PC…and comes at a very fair price tag of R4 200.

2. Revo One Windows PC

Admittedly, the specs on the Revo One are a bit older compared to other PCs on the market, as it comes with Windows 8.1. However, a nice add on is the smartphone app – which allows you to control the PC from your phone. The Revo One would pack a pretty powerful punch if you were to upgrade the disk storage and the RAM. (And yes, that’s a hint!)

3. Mecer Extreme Jupiter Mini PC

The Acer Aspire and Mecer are very similar in terms of specs, however, the Mecer can be upgraded to 32GB RAM. Notably, the Mecer also has an upgrade option to SSD to make for a faster machine. On the downside, the Mecer has the highest power consumption of our top 5.

4. Asus VivoMini UN45 Mini PC

This device is an excellent example of a versatile PC packed into an impressively small and affordable package. The main benefits of its sleek and seductive design are its compact size, low power consumption, silent operation, and low cost. The attractive UN45 comes with a minimum of 32GB of M.2 SSD storage, with a maximum capacity of 128GB. For the worker bees looking for an inexpensive PC for business purposes, the UN45 offers ASUS Business Manager and the Remote Management Tool to help business owners manage and maintain the system remotely.

5. CloudGate X

The CloudGate X is the silent – and stealthy – winner on our list. With no moving parts, the CloudGate X is a startlingly quiet mini machine. The CPU is powerful enough for the device to be used as a home centre or business computer, making it an extremely valuable and efficient work tool. Like the Mecer, it uses SSD technology to give it speed. Above this, you can run Windows, Linux or Chrome OS on the CloudGate. This device is the most energy efficient out of the devices that we looked at: using 15 – 24W of energy.

Compare our Top 5 below. You can also purchase your new mini PC through Dial a Nerd or trusted PC vendors.

Comparison table:

  Acer Aspire XC830
Celeron J4005
Acer Revo ON
Windows PC
Mecer Extreme Jupiter
Intel Pentium
CloudGate Square VivoMini UN45
Processor Name Intel Celeron J4005 Intel Celeron Dual-core Coffee Lake Pentium G5400 Intel Quad Core Apollo Lake Braswell Dual Core 2957U

(Optional Quad-Core Pentium N3700 ,N3150 Processor)

Processor Speed 2.7Ghz 1.40 GHz 3.7GHz Up to 2.2 GHz 1.4GHz
RAM 4GB DDR4 (upgradeable to 8GB) 2 or 4 GB DDR3

(upgradeable to 8GB)


(upgradeable to 32GB)

4 or 8 GB DDR4 2 GB DDR3L (upgradeable to 8GB)
Storage Capacity 500GB 3.5 sata 500GB Sata

(Upgradeable to 2TB,2.5″)

500GB 2.5 Sata(supports 1 x m2 For SSD) 64 GB EMMX SSD (Upgradable to  128GB/256GB 2.5″ 500GB Up to 1TB SATA III Hard Drive,32GB Up

to 128GB M.2 SSD .100G ASUS Webstorage for

1 Year free usage.

Graphics Card  Intel UHD Graphics 600 Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics 500 Intel HD Graphics
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Windows 8.1 64 bit Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Windows 10 , Linux or Chrome OS Windows 10 SL, Home or Pro 64-Bit
Power consumption N/A 65 W 19V, 90W AC 15 W , 24W max 45 W
Price inc VAT* R4,200 R4,806 R5,189 R4,255 R3,999
Seller Details

 *Prices are as of August 2019 and are subject to change.




Why sustainable IT equates to sustainable business

Aug 21st, 2019 Edit post

Although South African business leaders may feel somewhat besieged by bad news and murmurs of ‘unbearable’ Eskom tariff hikes, tech-fuelled innovation is providing business with new options to lower energy consumption.


Why Edge Computing is set to transform global industry

Jul 18th, 2019 Edit post

While it is arguable that the world doesn’t need yet another technology buzz-phrase, the emergence of ‘edge computing’ is worth understanding.



CloudGate is a palm-sized computer capable of running Linux, Windows 10 and the Chromium operating systems. With an Intel Quad-Core CPU and a solid-state hard drive, CloudGate is a powerful replacement for most tower computers at a fraction of the cost. Plug in a screen, keyboard & mouse and you have the perfect minicomputer for business or education. Drawing less than 10% of the power and taking up only a fraction of the desk space compared to a regular desktop computer, it is a very energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative to conventional computing.


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