How “Powerful Simplicity” enables enterprises to achieve remarkable things through data in Commvault GO 2017
Nov 8th, 2017

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Commvault chairman, president and CEO, Bob Hammer, will open the company’s customer conference, Commvault GO 2017, outlining how “powerful simplicity” enables enterprises to achieve remarkable things with data. Together with COO Al Bunte, whose keynote will kick-off the second day of the conference, Hammer will describe how the rise of public, private and hybrid clouds, new data privacy regulations, the growing threat from cyberattacks, the need for analytics for business success, and other market forces have made traditional approaches to data obsolete.

Hammer and Bunte will also highlight how Commvault delivers customers this powerful simplicity, both with its industry-leading Commvault Data Platform, as well as innovations that enhance the ease-of-use and functionality of this platform, including its new Commvault HyberScale™ Software, Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance and data analytics portfolio.

The Shift from Information Technology to Data Technology

In his day-one keynote, Hammer will describe the fundamental shift that is taking place in the IT market, moving from an infrastructure-centric to a data-centric strategic approach. As public and private entities are shifting to become more “digital businesses,” there is a requirement to shift from information technology to data technology. Further accelerating this shift is the move to public, private and hybrid clouds, to better prevent and recover from cyberattacks, to comply with GDPR and other new data privacy regulations, and to use analytics to generate improved business insights and results. A more holistic approach towards data management and a data-driven investment strategy is needed to drive innovation and competitive differentiation.

With true enterprise-level environments increasingly complex (across multiple clouds, on-premises infrastructures, and mobile), Hammer will state that CIO and IT professionals are seeking trusted partners than can deliver comprehensive solutions delivered through simplified approaches. Hammer believes Commvault is uniquely positioned to deliver on that promise, through the “powerful simplicity” of the Commvault Data Platform and the company’s approach to software design and delivery. In his keynote, Commvault’s CEO will discuss how powerful simplicity is best manifested through the company’s newest offering, a scale-out data protection solution called Commvault HyperScale™ Technology. Offered in two form factors – a reference architecture approach and an all-in-one appliance – Commvault HyperScale enables customers to simply leverage modern data protection on scale-out infrastructure, a powerful offering that distinguishes Commvault from both niche and large competitors.

In addition, Hammer will suggest that the Commvault Data Platform offers enterprises the powerful simplicity they need to manage data for any purpose (backup, recovery, security, governance, analytics), across all environments. The platform enables customers to move this data from any on premises infrastructure to any cloud and back with a modern, easy to use, flexible and role-customisable user interface that drives automation, orchestration and reporting with cloud-like agility and economics.

“At Commvault, we have always been guided by our belief that it’s about the data, the whole data, and nothing but the data – and that idea has never been more relevant than it is today,” said Hammer. “As we move from an IT world to a DT world, enterprises must transition from investment strategies driven by new technology and move toward decisions based on how to best manage, protect and use data and build corresponding infrastructures to support that vision. As many of our customers at Commvault GO will attest, this approach, enabled by a comprehensive data platform that delivers the powerful simplicity they need to fully protect, manage and activate their data, will allow them to use data to achieve remarkable things.”

A “better way” to protect, manage and activate data

On the second day of the conference in his keynote, Bunte will describe a “better way” to protect, manage and activate data – a holistic approach that puts data, not infrastructure, at the centre. Bunte will also explore why a data-centric approach is a better way to develop a practical plan for protecting, managing and activating data to achieve remarkable results.

Specifically, enterprises today need a plan for managing a complex environment that includes on premises, cloud, endpoint, mobile, SaaS applications, managed services and wide variety of other applications and infrastructure. The traditional IT way of doing this – purchasing a variety of tools for each use case, each with its own index, policies and user interface – only adds to complexity. This traditional way also results in economics, risk and a lack of capabilities that are not sustainable for enterprises that want to succeed in the digital economy.

A unified, holistic data-centric approach provides a better way – one that both enables enterprises to manage all this complexity, but also allows them to accelerate their digital transformation. Such an approach can manage an increasingly diverse set of old and new workloads: email, applications, logs, IoT, medical images, analytics. It has the indexing and scale to solve a high volume and variety of use cases. It provides the cloud-like flexibility, agility, self-service, and portability needed to deliver the automation and ease of use required to prevent operations from slowing to a crawl in such a complex environment. It consolidates data protection for all data types — file, VM, documents, email, rich media, machine data – on a single platform. It supports data privacy requirements such as GDPR’s right to be forgotten, enables fast recovery from aggressive cyber-attacks and empowers enterprises to implement whatever cloud strategy makes most sense for them – be it public, private or hybrid.

“The traditional way enterprises have approached data management results in economics, risk and capabilities that are not acceptable for enterprises engaged in digital transformation,” said Bunte. “There is a better way – but it requires enterprises to rethink how they address complexity, and instead embrace a unified, holistic data-centric approach that yields the powerful simplicity required to implement a practical plan for managing today’s complex data environments.”

Customers to Highlight Remarkable Approaches to Data Management

In addition to explaining how powerful simplicity enables enterprises to achieve remarkable things with data, Hammer and Bunte will also introduce the audience to two Commvault customers, John Hopkins University and Iowa Judicial, who will show how this powerful simplicity has allowed them to derive more value out of their data to achieve remarkable things for their organisations. Customers QIC, a large, financial services firm from Australia; Laing O’Rourke, a multi-national construction firm from the UK; and the County of San Mateo, a large public sector organisation in the heart of the Silicon Valley in California, will also be featured in a panel on the keynote stage at Commvault GO.

Held at Gaylord National Harbor in Washington, D.C. Commvault GO 2017 features an agenda that includes more than 95 breakouts, 30 mini theaters and 25 structured lab speaking sessions, as well as industry-specific and other expert-led learning sessions. In addition to Hammer and Bunte the conference includes other premier keynote speakers and panelists, including emcee Kenneth Cukier, senior editor of digital products at The Economist; Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger; explorer Robert Swan OBE (Officer of the British Empire); Robert Rhame, research director at Gartner Group, Cynthia Johnson, VP of Global Data Centre Sales for Cisco; and Adam Massey, Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships for Google.

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