Commvault, a recognised global leader in backup, recovery, the cloud and data management across any hybrid environment, donated laptops to Actonville Primary School in Benoni, Gauteng. This contribution will impact over 1,300 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and assist the institution in achieving its mission to create a well-resourced school on a limited departmental budget.

Wael Mustafa, Area Vice President for MESAT at Commvault says, “These laptops were donated in the hopes to bolster the school’s educational system and support educators in each subject matter. We are honoured to be able to assist the school and provide much needed technology, benefiting children from poverty-stricken circumstances, abusive homes as well as  orphans.”

The school is also faced with academic barriers such as infrastructural damages and negative impacts of the surrounding communities. This has impaired Actonville’s ability in achieving its vision – to provide quality teaching and learning by maximising learner’s potential to function in a multicultural society.

Vanessa Moodley, Principal at Actonville Primary School adds, “It has become an increasingly daunting task for educators to function at the optimum level in order to educate these learners. As educators, we are adopting roles as parents, care takers, social workers, counsellors and safe haven for these learners. With limited resources and professional services available, the donation of these laptops by Commvault is a welcome relief and will be used by the educators to provide qualitative education.”

Commvault believes it is every single companies’ responsibility to support key initiatives such as these in order to assist with upliftment of education and communities to create a better life for South Africans in need – especially children.

Johan Scheepers, Systems Engineering Director for MESAT concludes, “The school has shown us that education must be prioritised in South Africa and that it is definitely a priority for us. We hope that Actonville Primary School succeeds in its mission to provide these children with the best education possible and that the laptops donated will aid the school in realising its goals.”