Commvault, a leading provider of software for the management of data across cloud and on-premises environments, today announced at Commvault GO 2019 new capabilities for its Hedvig software-defined storage solutions.

The enhancements expand Hedvig’s value and use cases and demonstrate how Hedvig, which was recently named a “Hot Startup to Watch” in Startup50’s Big50-2019 Startup Report, will enable Commvault to realise the unification of storage and data management.

“New capabilities converge many of the latest storage, container and cloud technologies, allowing enterprises to automate manual infrastructure management processes and simplify their multi-cloud environments,” said Avinash Lakshman, Chief Storage Strategist, Commvault. “These capabilities enhance Commvault’s value to enterprises today. They also show how the integration of technologies into Commvault’s solutions portfolio will deliver enterprises the industry standard solution in a multi-cloud world.”

The innovative software-defined storage capabilities introduced today will enable enterprises to automate and simplify storage administration, reduce storage costs and accelerate time to value. They include:

  • Container Storage Interface (CSI) support, which enables enterprises to use Commvault for the management of Kubernetes and other container orchestrators (COs).
  • Built-in data centre availability, which helps enterprises improve data resiliency.
  • Support for erasure coding, which improves storage efficiency.
  • Comprehensive support for multi-tenant data centres, including the ability to manage tenant level access, control, and encryption settings, which will allow managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver storage solutions across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Multi-data centre cluster management, alerting and reporting, empowering enterprises and MSPs to configure and administer all their data centres’ software-defined storage infrastructure from a single location.

In addition, Commvault’s recently formed Hedvig leadership team is moving forward on other initiatives to increase supported use cases, while also integrating Hedvig’s technologies into Commvault’s portfolio of data protection solutions.

Plans are underway to use Hedvig’s technologies to enhance to its data management automation and storage provisioning capabilities and expand its support for application containers and microservices.

Together, these and other Hedvig integration initiatives will support Commvault’s strategy to reduce multi-cloud data fragmentation and complexity by unifying storage and data management.