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Atomic Access – The fibre ISP with the best reviews

18 July 2023

Popular fibre ISP Atomic Access has earned hundreds of outstanding reviews across Google, Hellopeter, TrustPilot and Facebook thanks to its dedication to putting its customers first.

About us

Atomic is a fibre-only ISP, started by friends for friends. Not so long ago, we were frustrated with our internet; fed up with lame excuses and BS call centres. So we thought it would be a fun challenge to build our own internet service provider. Our friends kept asking for advice about which network to use, so we invited them. Luckily some of them took the leap and joined our network.

On a briefly serious note though, we built Atomic with four simple principles: 1) treat people the way we would like to be treated, 2) be transparent, 3) make sure customers can trust they are getting what they are paying for, and 4) make people smile.

Now our friends and customers get the speeds they are paying for, solid uptime, quick responses and monthly discounts when they invite their friends to join Atomic.

To learn more about Atomic Access please visit our website.

News on the Hub

11 July 2023
Atomic Access – The ISP people switch to after getting burnt by BiS

Atomic was founded with customer experience as its key focus – in stark contrast to big ISPs that are usually spread too thin and force you to get support from chat bots.

6 July 2023
Atomic Access: Best fibre-only ISP in the first half of 2023

Analytico’s latest South African ISP rankings revealed that Afrihost is South Africa’s top-rated Internet service provider (ISP), followed by Axxess and Supersonic.

The report is based on Analytico’s new rating methodology, which considers more data points and ensures superior accuracy.

20 June 2023
The ultimate ISP for nerds: Atomic Access

Popular fibre-only ISP Atomic Access has launched a Telegram Quiz Bot that will test your knowledge of Wi-Fi and Fibre, and offer you a discount if you successfully complete their quiz.

2 March 2023
South Africa’s top smaller ISP at the start of 2023

Analytico’s latest South African ISP rankings revealed that Atomic Access received the highest average score in the small ISP section, followed by Cybersmart and Supersonic.

9 December 2022
Choose a medium-size ISP to get the best fibre service, says Atomic Access

In 2018 the Atomic Access team set out to build an ISP for friends.

17 October 2022
Top ISP in the Smaller ISP Rankings

Analytico is a research company that provides market research, network intelligence, and marketing insights to South African IT and telecommunications companies.

23 October 2018
Atomic Access launches 1Gbps fibre for R1,399

Cape Town-based fibre ISP Atomic Access has launched new gigabit fibre packages on the Frogfoot and Octotel networks.

7 August 2018
Atomic Access – the new fibre ISP which was built in 6 months

Atomic Access is the latest ISP to launch fibre products in South Africa, with aggressive pricing on home and business services.

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