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2 March 2023

In today’s world, it is vital that enterprises innovate at speed and deploy critical services as efficiently as possible.

They must be able to track and see what has changed in a software environment, too, and this is best done with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools like Micro Focus Serena.

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Axiz is powering digital transformation through our partnership with Micro Focus. As one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers, delivering the mission-critical software that keeps the digital world running

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Micro Focus

Micro Focus delivers speed, agility, security, and insights necessary to succeed in an evolving marketplace. Micro Focus helps customers accelerate, simplify, secure and analyse their business and operations.

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News on the Hub

30 November 2022
Micro Focus Content Manager – A future-proof ECM solution for South African businesses

Micro Focus Content Manager is the best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to help your organisation manage its content – including its structured and unstructured data.

31 October 2022
Micro Focus HCMX – The best way to manage your hybrid cloud ecosystem in South Africa

South African businesses are transitioning to hybrid cloud environments thanks to the versatility it offers their IT operations.

13 October 2022
Micro Focus Data Protector – Robust data resilience for South African businesses

Micro Focus Data Protector is a cutting-edge technology that provides businesses with impressive data resilience capabilities.

29 August 2022
Join Micro Focus and Axiz for SMAXTEMBER 2022

Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX) is a leading IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that meets all your service desk and management needs.

12 August 2022
Align your business priorities and product delivery with Micro Focus ValueEdge

Micro Focus ValueEdge is a cloud-based, AI-driven, end-to-end value stream management platform that can help you strategically harmonise your business priorities with efficient product delivery.

4 July 2022
Micro Focus UFT One – AI-driven test automation for enterprise apps

The white paper from Micro Focus describes UFT One as, 'QA and testing teams can efficiently scale tests across distributed infrastructures and in parallel on web and mobile'

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