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GetCertified IT Training launches two new diplomas for IT jobseekers
[Jan 7th, 2013]

The barrier to entry into the IT Job Market has prompted Compuways subsidiary,GetCertified IT Training, to create 2 dedicated jobseeker diplomas, one for secondary school leavers and one for tertiary school leavers.

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Compuways creates Oracle ERP / EBS skills pool to address the skills shortage at their clients
[Dec 12th, 2012]

Due to a growing demand for Oracle ERP / EBS Consultants at various of their customers, Compuways has launched a recruitment drive to create a skills pool of ORACLE ERP / EBS Specialists.

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SARS Academy proud of SQL training success
[Jun 4th, 2012]

The SARS Academy has appointed IT training company GetCertified, in collaboration with Compuways, to present three levels of SQL training to learners from its Strategy Enablement and Enforcement (SEE) division. A total of 95 learners received certificates, with 74% of the students passing by 75% and above, across all three categories of courses.

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Enhance your traditional job description with competency-based recruitment
[May 2nd, 2012]

It is surprising how many industrial age job descriptions are doing the rounds in the IT industry

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Cutting recruitment costs can be costly
[Mar 7th, 2012]

The Internet has changed the landscape of traditional recruitment by making job boards available to everyone. Employers have started advertising on job sites themselves in order to cut recruitment costs, but also discovered that recruiting high level skills is not only about advertising a job or searching through available candidates.

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Compuways, a local IT recruitment company, has recently compiled a list of career success factors as guidelines for aspiring IT professionals
[Feb 16th, 2012]

“We have compiled this list from our experiences after interviewing thousands of IT professionals over the past 20 years,” says Arnold Graaff, managing director of Compuways. “We would like to invite people to add to this list from their own experiences by commenting on our blog.”

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Compuways, a South African IT consultancy was established in 1990 with a division specialising in IT recruitment, and a division specialising in IT training.

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