Many companies have been left without connectivity due to a recent crack-down from ICASA on illegal spectrum usage, resulting in a loss of productivity, and more importantly, loss of revenue. The legal compliance of wireless services, networks and infrastructure have come under scrutiny, bringing to mind the question: Is my service at risk due to non-compliance? Comsol, a wireless specialist company, understands the legalities and processes involved in offering a service that is fully compliant while still being agile enough to meet the market’s demands.

Not all role players are aware of the legal requirements and processes that need to be undertaken before a wireless service can be deployed. ICASA has a published set of parameters outlining the “do’s and don’ts”, including which frequencies fall within the licensed exempt bands, how to apply for licensed spectrum and who has bulk national spectrum.

In today’s ever changing wireless landscape, the unlicensed band has become increasingly cluttered. The scarcity of available Freeband frequencies makes offering a reliable service within these frequencies virtually impossible. Comsol has invested in legally acquiring national spectrum through ICASA, allowing it to deliver carrier grade licensed wireless solutions to the market.

Comsol, a leading wireless solutions provider, boasts nearly two decades of servicing Africa; building and maintaining wireless networks across all vertical markets. Comsol offers its clients reliable, high capacity wireless access circuits. Comsol’s national bulk license enables it to offer aggressive Service Level Agreements, backed up by a national operational presence with offices throughout the country.