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Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW 16-20th May 2016) is an annual global event organised by the Business Continuity Institute to raise awareness of the importance of business continuity and resilience.

The theme for this year’s event is Return on Investment. Not only will the event discuss the traditional value of business continuity – the benefits of having a comprehensive business continuity plan to enhance business resilience giving stakeholders peace of mind but it will go further. “For example, business continuity analysis could find increased savings and increased efficiencies within an organisation. Increased reliability can prove to be an asset in contract negotiations and may help reduce insurance premiums,” says Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager ContinuitySA.

“During BCAW, ContinuitySA will be participating in the extensive webinar programme with three key speakers. Delegates can register via the URL below to view live, offering delegates the chance to ask questions or they will be recorded which gives the opportunity to watch them on demand later,” she adds.

ContinuitySA Webinar One

Date: Monday 16th May 2016

Time: 11.45 – 12.45

Measuring the BCM maturity to optimise the ROI

A demonstrable ability to survive and recover from major disruptive events has become one of the most important success aspect of any business continuity management (BCM) programme. Measuring the organisations BCM maturity is essential as the results are highly useful both as a measure for BCM capability and as a decision-making facilitator regarding areas in need of greater attention in order to improve BCM maturity. It is therefore a model which addresses the need by management to assess the effectiveness of their programmes as well as optimise their BCM spend.

Speaker: Karen Humphris, Senior BCM Advisor, ContinuitySA

ContinuitySA Webinar Two

Date: Tuesday 17th May 2016

Time: 13:15 – 14:15

Insourcing versus Outsourcing and the ROI

Business Continuity Management insourcing does seem to many organisations as more advantageous and many do believe insourcing will also provide them with a cost saving. There are, however, some significant pitfalls as well as many unquantified costs over the long term. This webinar will cover the pitfalls that many organisations do not take into consideration when insourcing BCM.

Speaker: Willem Olivier, General Manager: Africa, ContinuitySA

ContinuitySA Webinar Three

Date: Wednesday 18th May 2016

Time: 10:45 – 11:45

Risk and Business Continuity Management – Adding value or just ticking boxes?

Risk and Business Continuity Management is often regarded as “grudge” compliance purchases or appointments – there are many truths in this negative feeling and perception for a lot of organisations. This presentation will look at how we should approach risk and business continuity management to ensure it adds to the overall business resilience of our organisations and will unpack the value of resiliency.

Speaker: Junita van der Colff, Manager Advisory Services,ContinuitySA

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