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This year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), which takes place between 13-17 May 2019, will focus on Investing in Resilience, ContinuitySA has announced. The BCAW is a global event facilitated by the Business Continuity Institute to raise awareness of the latest trends in business continuity, and the value effective business continuity can bring to organisations of all types and sizes.

“Business resilience is the most significant recent development in the business continuity profession. It has emerged in response to the reality that today’s business and socio-political environments are so volatile that even the most meticulous planning is not enough,” explains Cindy Bodenstein, Marketing Manager at ContinuitySA. “Organisations also need to become resilient—that is, able to respond to, and recover from, any eventuality, even ones that were unexpected. Planning and strategising remain as important as ever, but they also have to be carefully designed to contribute to the overall resilience of the organisation.

“The concept of business resilience represents a significant milestone in the ongoing development of business continuity as a profession, and it will also act as a framework to make organisations more effective generally.”

In examining the theme of Investing in Resilience, this year’s BCAW will cover a range of interesting topics, including cyber insurance, how to build and maintain crisis management capability, the HR implications of investing in resilience, the future of business continuity, security, and data centres as enablers of organisational resilience. More topics are being added as BCAW approaches.

ContinuitySA, as a leading member of the Business Continuity Institute, is supporting BCAW as usual.

On 16 May, Al de Brito will look at the rapidly evolving field of cyber resilience, covering the reasons why it should be considered, common pitfalls, and how to incorporate cyber resilience into the organisational DNA. You can register for the event via the link provided.

Also during the week, ContinuitySA Client Executive Karven Naidoo will argue that traditional return-on-investment (ROI) thinking should not be used to assess investment in resilience; a better measure is the total value that the investment delivers (VOI).

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