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ContinuitySA has moved into a new, modern facility in the Westway Office Park in Westville, just outside Durban to accommodate greater demand for disaster recovery and work area recovery facilities. The move was prompted by client growth, says Vimal Sadapal, Branch Manager: KwaZulu-Natal at ContinuitySA.

“Responsible companies are placing growing emphasis on the need for robust business continuity plans and capabilities, and our new facility is a response to that need. It is ideally situated with multiple access routes, along with full power backup to ensure resilience,” he says. “The Westville facility has a server room with connections to all the major communication service providers for reliable disaster recovery. The security is closely monitored, with CCTV and access control.”

He adds that the new facility has the added benefit of not being located close to any of ContinuitySA’s key clients, further enhancing its value as a disaster- and work-area recovery site.

Mr Sadapal points out that the work-area recovery capabilities have also been greatly enhanced at the new site. It offers 100-plus seats, a 66% increase on the former facility with access to multiple boardrooms, a full-service canteen and secure parking.

“Clients are increasingly conscious of the need to provide alternative work areas for occasions when their primary sites are inaccessible for whatever reason—fire, flood and industrial action spring to mind. While some personnel can work remotely from home, there are many job categories that require team work and supervision,” Mr Sadapal says. “The increased capacity at our work-area recovery provides greater peace of mind to clients who have identified inability to access their premises for even a proportion of their staff as a key risk.

“The increase in the number of seats also means we can accommodate more of our clients at any one time—more than one invocation can occur at the same time, after all.”

The new switchboard number for the Westville facility is 087 365 0100, while clients can still use the existing number, 0860 468 653, to invoke with the 24/7 service desk.