There are a whole host of issues that businesses have to deal with as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – not least of which is the post COVID-19 battle to retain existing employees and attract new talent. Yes, the so-called Great Resignation, described as a post-pandemic movement, is real and is piling on the pressure for business leaders and human resource managers in businesses that are also trying to navigate their way to digitalisation and back to whatever ‘normal’ they can recreate.

If you track down information about the Great Resignation, it is clear that South Africa is not immune to this global human resources conundrum. Many experts are on record as saying that discussion among South African business leaders is the fact that many employees – particularly skilled employees – are now carefully considering their options and placing their wellbeing ahead of other considerations when it comes to employment.

An article published on Business Tech explains that although the country has a high unemployment ratio (34.4% in Q4 2021), there is still a skills shortage in several key sectors and this means the skilled South African worker has an opportunity to reassess their current positions, their career goals, their situation in general and their level of job satisfaction.

And the situation is not only relevant to full-time skilled employees, but also consultants and temporary staff.  Skilled consultants, freelancers and part-time employees are also attracting the attention of global recruiters and there is now even better opportunity to secure work offshore.

Experts in human capital management warn that it’s no longer a case of achieving work-life balance, but rather introspection that will change the employer-employee dynamic forever.

It is being driven by the quest for the digital economy and of course, the fallout of COVID-19.  Employees have taken stock of how businesses have handled the situation, and how much active support there has been. The truth of the matter is that the pandemic has changed what was always just the concept of the hybrid work scenario – part-home-part-office – into reality. Some businesses have adjusted admirably, others have struggled but are starting to get to grips with the ‘new normal’, and then there are those that continue to battle to regulate operations, embrace the hybrid new normal and actually emerge stronger from the experience.

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