Datafree has released a new tool that cuts out all the frustration, admin and wasted costs from managing mobile data for remote and field workers.

The New Datafree Connect app lets employers make any work-related apps on employee phones available to employees datafree, so they never run out of data for work and can’t misuse company data.

Datafree co-founder and CEO Gour Lentell says: “We’ve eliminated all the aspects of mobile data management that companies saw as a frustrating fact of life. For decades, they have had to accept that when they allocate data to employees, some of it will be wasted on non-work-related activities like entertainment and social media. If employees run out of data and can’t do their jobs, companies have had to keep topping them up. Some organisations issue company phones and APN SIMs, but managing these can also be an administrative nightmare, and very restrictive for employees.

“Datafree Connect removes all those issues. It’s so simple that nobody even considered it before.”

The system gives employees a datafree workspace on their own phones, where all the apps they need for work are available at all times, whether they have data on their SIM cards or not. Employees download the Datafree Connect app and log in, where they will find a curated workspace linking them to all the tools they need, such as email, maps, corporate environments, video calling, messaging and collaboration tools. Once Datafree Connect is started all the selected workspace apps on employee phones will operate datafree.

Says Lentell: “For employees this model offers datafree access to the things they need without restriction to the rest of their lives. They don’t need to swap between SIM cards or get a second phone. They simply use their personal phones but there’s never a data cost for work-related apps.

It’s simple, elegant and perfect. It changes lives for employers and individuals.”

With an easy-to-use online dashboard, employers can create workspaces by business unit or region, add or remove employees and applications at the click of a button, and gain unprecedented visibility into data usage.

“Datafree Connect gives organisations better visibility into how their data is being used than any other method available today,” Lentell says.

This granular reporting on data usage per user and per app also supports better financial forecasting.

Datafree Connect is being trialled and rolled out by major e-hailing and courier companies, security firms, and organisations with remote and field workers, who see it as the easy answer to managing thousands of end users. Companies that employ temporary workforces for campaigns and projects simply add their numbers to their datafree environment for the duration of the engagement and remove them at the click of a button.

“You only pay for the data you need people to use. It’s a complete no-brainer for anyone managing a mobile-enabled workforce,” Lentell says.

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