MoyaApp, South Africa’s datafree super app with millions of users, has added a free load shedding app to its portfolio of services, giving users datafree access to a simple, user-friendly calendar indicating their area’s load shedding times.

Nicholas Bednall, Managing Director at MoyaApp, says the app was launched only six weeks ago and already has over 315,000 registered users, with over 95,000 active daily users.

“It’s one of the fastest-growing apps we’ve ever had,” he says. “It soared from zero to second-most popular app in our discover area in just over a month.”

Bednall notes that the new MoyaApp load shedding app fills a gap in the market for datafree access to a well-executed, accurate load shedding schedule.

MoyaApp worked with data partner Load Shedding Notifier to ensure consumers get accurate forecasts. Bednall says: “Achieving accurate, quality data isn’t easy – Eskom changes stages, and regions have different schedules.”

“We also have scenarios where suburbs have different electrical grids, so the data has to be accurately matched to each home. Load Shedding Notifier has an accurate database, and updates the schedules as they change.”

Ease of use and that fact that critical information is datafree make all the difference, he says. “We plug a very big hole, making important information available to everyone.”

“Load shedding information from Eskom and many of the municipalities tends to give users confusing lists of zones and numbers. We’ve made it as easy to understand as possible, with a layout very similar to that of an analogue diary.”

“The free service gives users a two-day view of their load shedding schedule. We will also launch a premium model, which will offer more features such as a week view and more locations, so users can add their work address and multiple family members’ locations.”

MoyaApp sees the new app solving another huge pain point for mass market consumers, Bednall says. “We did it with datafree chat, no monthly bank fees with MoyaPay and now load shedding, and we will continue to add to the list to meet the market’s needs.”

Bednall says the load shedding app offers opportunities for businesses as it grows. “We expect to reach up to a million users soon. Users will be able to top up their electricity via the MoyaApp, without having to travel somewhere for a voucher.”

“We will be in a unique position to connect the market with prepaid electrical suppliers and other products and services like inverters, solar equipment or rechargeable lighting suppliers.”

“We are stitching products, services and information together in a way that services the mass market better,” he says. “If a user can buy airtime and electricity, see the load shedding schedule, find jobs, buy vouchers, and send food vouchers to family members, their life becomes more convenient and they’re saving money. It’s ultimately about utility.”

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