has just launched The Great Domains Rush – a campaign that will allow all its customers to register the matching domain name in a .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa for only R3.00* per domain name (if available). This promotion aims to make it easier for local businesses to grow their online visibility and brand presence. has reserved all the available .joburg, .durban, capetown and .africa domain name equivalents of its current customers. These customers have until midnight 30 June 2022 to Stake their claim and register the available domains at the promotional price of R3.00* per domain.

“A domain is most certainly the “hero” of local domain names and favoured by many South African businesses,” says CEO, Wayne Diamond.

“New geographic top-level domains, like .joburg and .africa have created quite a stir in the market, however they were never meant to compete with the gTLD, but rather to enhance it. Together these domains can help a business promote its appearance over the internet.”

Many businesses start out with one domain name, but Diamond believes companies can, and should be able to protect their brand identity online by owning other local Geo-TLDs as well.

He explains: “South African companies looking to expand into Africa can most definitely benefit from utilising a .africa domain. While companies with branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town can easily target their geographical customers with the relevant Geo-TLD. Obtaining the fitting domain now, secures its availability when the time comes.”

“Having a domain strategy in place shows vision and allows businesses to spread their wings freely into the relevant online markets they have the domain for.”

“The challenge with this strategy of course is that our local Geo-TLDs are three times the price of a domain name. With The Great Domains Rush we want to make it easy and affordable for domain owners to register and secure geographical domain names alongside their current domains.”

IMPORTANT: Premium domains, reserved domains, trademarked domains, or domains that have already been registered do not qualify for this offer!

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*Terms and conditions apply. Available domain names only. Reservations valid until midnight 30 June 2022.