Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that allows your business to make and take calls over the internet. Hosted PBX is often referred to as Cloud-based VoIP PBX, VoIP PABX or just VoIP.

Using Hosted PBX means all communication (internal and external) can be conducted via an App on desktops, laptops and smartphones, or via a SIP telephone – using fast internet instead of traditional copper lines.

This highly sophisticated communication software is suitable to all kinds of SMEs, especially growing businesses with a remote/hybrid workforce and/or in-house sales and support teams. If your staff members regularly have to travel for work, Hosted PBX can help them communicate effectively wherever they are and cut costs in the process.

If your company is tired of paying high telephone and cellphone bills and affected by power outages and load shedding – Hosted PBX is for you!

Why switch to Hosted PBX?

  • It cuts monthly telephone bills.
  • It is a highly secure and reliable system, which means your business can continue to make and take calls irrespective of power outages or other challenges.
  • The system is cloud/ internet based, and is not office bound, which means it is safe and cannot be stolen.
  • Because it is hosted off-site, you don’t have to invest in software or hardware either.
  • It allows employees to use the system anywhere.
  • It offers incredible value-added features (traditional PBX cannot compare).
  • The switch to Hosted PBX is an affordable, easy and quick process. No IT Team needed.
  • In future when you need to make changes, these changes to the system can be implemented in real-time. Little to no maintenance required.
  • Calls reflect your business number.
  • The system allows employees to use it via a desktop, laptop, smartphone or a SIP telephone.

Did you know? Not all Hosted PBX solutions are the same!

Similar to traditional telephone calls, the making and taking of Hosted PBX calls need to happen without delay over a stable network, and the quality of the calls must be first class.

Sadly, not all Hosted PBX providers can offer quality hosting, award-winning software and superior voice – but we can!

Uncapped* Hosted PBX in the Cloud by is a leader in the South African market

Hosted PBX in the Cloud by is our latest addition to our product range.

We are different to other Hosted PBX providers because our solution is managed by us, backed by our own incredible hosting infrastructure, powered by the award-winning 3CX software and crystal-clear VOX Voice plus it boasts UnCapped* landline and cellphone calls.

Learn more and sign up for Hosted PBX in the Cloud by here.

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