A hybrid working model has become the latest office perk since coffee pods. While working from home (WFH) has been a lifesaver during Covid-19 regulations, it’s time to go back to the office now. But is it really the best option for your business?

The answer to this question is: consider a hybrid working environment! Many studies have shown that employees are now looking for flexibility when it comes to the office. Working from home as well as from the office is beneficial to employers and employees.

This may not have been possible several years ago, but thanks to the development of software and technology, the way we work now, can be as diverse as employers need them to be.

Hosted PBX in the Cloud by Domains.co.za is helping hundreds of businesses adapt to the hybrid working model by allowing employees to make and take crystal-clear calls from anywhere.

Added to this, SMEs are saving money with our UnCapped* telecommunication technology. It is also making it very easy to have meetings via the Video Conferencing solution and boosting productivity through Live Chat and other features.

Benefits of a hybrid working model

Many office-based businesses may feel it is time for their staff to return to work. But what if working from home is actually making them more productive? The technology is there, and it’s cheaper, but if you need more convincing, here are more benefits:

  1. It keeps the office culture alive

Working from home is lovely but interacting and brainstorming together in a shared space is needed to keep the office culture alive. There are just some things that are better communicated in a face-to-face environment. Just having a laugh together or sharing a “moment” can have a positive effect on employees’ feelings toward the business.

  1. It saves your employees money

With the price of fuel these days, working from home a couple of days a week can save many employees nearly R1000 per month, if not more. Commuting less can also save employees money on car maintenance and insurance costs, and in some cases even cut costs with regards to clothing requirements and dry cleaning bills.

  1. It improves staff’s quality of life

Commuting less unlocks as much as 2 hours per working day of extra time. This is an incredible benefit for your employees’ mental health, as the time can be used in other, more positive ways; going to the gym, walking the dogs, spending time with family and friends, etc..

  1. It saves on operating costs

Employers are finding that they are saving on operational costs too. Maybe you don’t need such a big office anymore? People are ‘plugging in’ less, and the wifi package can downgraded too. Cost savings can add up and make a huge difference to your bottom line in a year.

  1. It widens the talent pool and is even an attractive perk for current or future employees

With a hybrid working model in place, you can look further afield when hiring talent. People might be more open to travelling longer distances for work if they had to go in less. If you’ve got the tech in place, you can even have some job roles function completely remotely. Hybrid and flexible working conditions are also a nice perk to attract future employees, or to retain valuable staff members should they need to relocate for personal reasons.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of a hybrid working environment, our Hosted PBX in the Cloud is the platform that can help you make this a cost-saving, affordable reality.

Our solution boasts our superior hosting, award-winning 3CX technology and Vox Voice, and the stability and speed of Domains.co.za hardware infrastructure. It is an industry-first and we are proud to be leading this frontier.