This time of the year, an Office Spring Clean is just the thing to reaffirm your company’s goals before the year is done. Time flies, especially when there is a lot to do, and it is imperative to know if your business is on schedule (or not).

Don’t wait for November to start thinking about a Christmas campaign. Make time now!

Whether you sell products or services, the following general Spring Cleaning tips can get you started.

  1. Check-in with your short- and long-term goals/targets

What are the short- and long-term goals you have set for your business?

Spring is an excellent time to re-evaluate your progress, and perhaps consider making adjustments to “the plan”. Future-proofing isn’t a cookie-cutter recipe. It requires business owners to remain agile by staying on top of industry trends, and regularly investigating the sustainability of the business.

  1. Get on top of spending and saving

Take charge, and spend time on your debtor and creditor sheets, bank statements, and the monthly budgets. How’s your cash flow? Savings? Spring is a great time to get a bird’s-eye view on the prices of your products and services, evaluate stock levels and renegotiate supplier offerings.

Did you know offers customers an UnCapped* Hosted PBX solution that allows your employees to make and take calls from anywhere? It is an excellent way to reduce your business telephone bills and help you budget this monthly expense.

  1. Make the most of online

The best way to insure a constant stream of new and potential customers is to implement a consistent inbound online marketing approach. If you haven’t been doing much, or if you haven’t been very steady about it, try these:

  • Start writing Blogs
  • Post on Social Media
  • Send out a Newsletter shareinews, updates, and specials to your subscribers
  • Create a vlog or video

The key is to create relevant, interesting, and unique content  that your ideal customers will enjoy. Start small and build your way up from there. Get all your teams involved.

There are affordable, or free tools and apps, that can help you create content yourself using a smartphone, a steady hand, and a little bit of creative direction.

EXAMPLES: If you own a water spa, make an inviting video of your hot water pools or capture scenes of your customers getting various massages. If you own an online boutique, share outfit combinations for various occasions. Own a nursery, or a crafts store? Teach your following to do DIY at home using items you sell.

What should your online marketing initiatives achieve? For the most part, help, educate, and guide your customers with advice on whatever it is you know a thing or two about.

While your busy with your online strategy, also ensure that everything on your website is still relevant and that prices and plugins are up-to-date.

Don’t have a website yet? Click here.

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