It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to stay aware of changing consumer behaviour trends to understand what will drive sales in the future. As we move deeper into 2023, we look at the top five consumer behaviour trends businesses should be considering.

1. Customers will prioritise practical and essential items
In an uncertain economic environment, consumers are more cautious with their spending, favouring practical and essential items over more luxurious purchases. Customers will be looking for products that provide the most value for their money.

2. Positive customer experiences will be paramount
Consumers are increasingly expecting a positive experience every time they interact with a business, whether it’s online or in-store. When customer service fails to meet expectations, it can negatively impact a business’s reputation and sales.

3. Customers will expect a seamless omni-channel shopping experience
Customers switch between computers and devices, websites, and social media pages all the time and in 2023, they will be expecting an integrated omni-channel experience. This includes seamless transitions between online, in-store and social commerce shopping. Ensure consistency across all channels regarding pricing and product availability.

4. Social Media will become an even more valuable tool
If you aren’t doing it already, employ a strategic social media strategy in the year ahead. Social media can be a powerful tool to reach your target audience. This includes posting content that resonates with customers, offering discounts and promotions, and responding quickly to customer inquiries.

5. Consumers are looking to embrace sustainability
Customers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, and businesses should be prepared to offer sustainable options. This can include eco-friendly packaging, reducing waste, or offering recycling programmes for products that have reached their end of life.