When it comes to finding the best hosting provider, it isn’t always clear which company to select. Often, hosting companies tend to promise the moon just to draw clients in. While these promises may be true for some, it’s not always the case across the board. At Domains.co.za we don’t believe in empty promises, and we back our hosting all the way.

Here’s what we promise our Hosting Customers

1. Excellent technology
We believe that quality technology is critically important, so you can rest assured that when you use our services, you’re getting nothing but superior products.

That’s why we deploy Carrier-Grade Supermicro hardware and power our applications with Intel Scalable Next Generation processors. Our storage solutions feature Super-Fast Enterprise SSD and NVME drives in Raid 10 for maximum performance and protection.

2. Industry expertise
Our commitment to being industry experts is not something we take lightly. With over two decades of hosting experience, and as the largest operational ICANN Registrar in Africa, we are anything but newbies in the industry.

We use everything we’ve learnt over the years to improve our service offering to you. We aim to not only meet but to exceed your expectations as well.

3. Stability, security, and speed
A website that’s down, slow, or compromised, means losses. We make it our business to prevent this.

Our excellent infrastructure and continuous maintenance, backed by our highly skilled technicians, enables us to guarantee 99.99% uptime, incredibly fast speeds, and unmatched security.

4. Superior products, service, and after-sales support
Everything we offer online and offline, from our Knowledgebase & FAQs to our friendly and professional Sales, Support & Accounts staff, have all been created with your online success in mind.

In addition, all our packages can be scaled up (or down) as your business grows, or restructures, thus ensuring the perfect fit every step of the way.

5. More for less
We don’t just offer great products and services; we go the extra mile for all our clients. Along with our main offerings and other extras, we include free 24/7 website monitoring and daily backups to give you the added value you deserve.

6. An advanced data centre
You deserve a hosting environment and infrastructure that tips the scales, that’s why we make use of the Teraco N+1 data centre in Johannesburg. This ultramodern, highly secure facility provides network infrastructures, UPS power backups, fire suppression systems and cooling redundancy.

To ensure zero interruptions, it is equipped with redundant generator backups and Solar PV.

7. No-fuss hosting
Hosting doesn’t have to be a source of stress and frustration. We make signing up and controlling your packages an absolute ‘breeze’. Plus, our control panel is easy to understand and use. With us, the technicalities of web hosting are completely taken care of, leaving you with more time to invest in what really matters – your business!

8. DNS Geo-redundancy
Did you know our DNS (domain name servers) are geo-redundant? This means that we have various DNS hosting in different geographic areas, so in case one domain name server goes down, the system will automatically switch over without any disruption of service.

View our hosting packages to see what else we can offer you for your business.