Local software and solutions house DVT has signed an exclusive one-year agreement with Eluminary. In terms of the agreement, DVT will act as sole value-added reseller for Eluminary’s InSpec process automation, project and portfolio management software for Africa.

“This is a strategic move for DVT because InSpec will enable us to take our project and portfolio management business to the next level,” says Kevin Naicker, head of Project Management at DVT. “Project management is maturing as a discipline and InSpec’s unique process-oriented approach helps to deliver projects much more effectively.”

Inspec is the fruit of more than 10 years of experience in process, project and portfolio management. Although Eluminary is registered in the United States, there is a strong South African connection through its key team members, Emeritus Professor Ken MacGregor and South African entrepreneur Leeanne Cape.

Naicker explains that InSpec creates a dedicated project management environment, thus enabling better management, reporting and coordination of all projects. Because it begins by creating and validating the project process, each project can be aligned with the client’s business processes and the specific project goals. This approach eliminates a major cause of project under-delivery or outright failure.

“A big challenge in project management is the use of tools in a vacuum, that does not take the broader client context and program integration into consideration” Naicker adds.

InSpec enables a project office to roll out similar projects to different geographic areas by reusing project information, thus greatly speeding up delivery and reducing costs.

“People, process and technology are the three key elements for successful project management,” Naicker explains. “DVT provides the market with skilled people and sound processes, whilst Inspec provides innovative technology, backed up by the same process fundamentals. This overlap creates a great fit between DVT and Inspec: Process is the lever that enables people to use technology effectively, and the synergy between the two partners provides something that the market has long lacked.”

Project management is used by organisations to deliver green fields projects relating to new ventures or strategic directions, as well as to address specific challenges. Both types of project are key to the success of any company—and that success is now much more certain thanks to the next-generation, process-driven approach enabled by this new partnership between DVT and Eluminary.

DVT and Eluminary will be hosting an executive seminar on next-generation project and portfolio management on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 at the Sandton Sun in Johannesburg, and on Friday, 26 October 2012 at Victoria Junction in Cape Town. The event is designed to give delegates insight into how Enterprise Project Management, Prince2 and Agile methodologies are lowering costs, improving profitability and stimulating innovation in organisations around the world.

The event is titled The PPPM Effect, with the acronym referring to process, portfolio and project management. For more information and to book visit http://www.thepppmeffect.com.