LV=, one of the UK’s largest insurers, has adopted the Mendix App Platform for its fast-track development of innovative applications.

In the hotly competitive insurance industry, LV= has seen its business grow rapidly over the past five years, which has created increasing pressure on rapid IT deliveries. In response, the company established a “Fast Track Innovation” process to facilitate rapid responses to business needs and to accelerate strategic business objectives that were previously more challenging to address. The Mendix App Platform will be a key software development and deployment platform for these initiatives and enable LV= to respond more rapidly to business opportunities and threats.

“The business innovation and short-term results LV= has achieved are a gratifying validation of the power of the Mendix App Platform,” says Hardy Jonck, who heads the Mendix business unit and model-driven development at DVT, a Mendix partner in South Africa. “It’s a great accolade for the product to be selected as the platform of choice by one of the UK’s leading insurers.”

“We are very pleased with our adoption of the Mendix App Platform to develop and deploy our innovative applications,” says Richard Warner, CIO of LV=. “With a traditional development agenda that’s already full, we are turning to Mendix in instances where we have pressing business objectives that we must respond to with speed and innovation. Short development cycles, cloud deployment, and business-led development are becoming increasingly common in financial services, and Mendix is helping us achieve the speed and agility to compete in a growingly innovative UK industry.”

Already, LV= has worked with Mendix on three strategic projects, including a portal for the company’s network of independent insurance brokers. “Working with Mendix and the agile methodology it supports, we were able to reduce delivery times and we were able to deliver a fully working proof-of-concept and gain stakeholder buy-in within days, before moving on to full development,” says Warner. “We’ve also used Mendix for even more ambitious, comprehensive projects that support our efforts to market-test new products. Thanks to Mendix’s low development costs, ease of deployment and project speed, the delivery of entirely new systems has become a true alternative to our traditional development stack.”