Specialist software and services company DVT has partnered with SYMCO iQ to combine the companies’ strengths in software development, support and maintenance and one of the country’s leading modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms.

The partnership will seek to extend DVT’s areas of specialisation to include the fast-growing SMB and large enterprise ERP market, and provide SYMCO iQ with DVT’s established market reach and client footprint.

SYMCO iQ is a cloud-based ERP system (SaaS), which can also be integrated with an organisation’s core business systems at the server level. Its modules and applications have all been developed on the same platform, allowing them to seamlessly exchange information. Modules can be deployed independently, allowing clients to select only those modules they need, and add additional functionality as the business requires it.

“SYMCO iQ brings a whole new dynamic to the DVT service offering,” says Jacques Fouché, DVT Cape managing director. “We now not only have the capability to compete in the SME ERP market, but also have access to a mature open source framework which allows us to reduce cost and time to market on a number of bespoke development projects.”

SYMCO iQ co-founder Mornay Symington says the agile, modular SYMCO iQ platform gives it a unique advantage in the market, particularly when it comes to attracting startup companies or organisations put off by the high cost and inflexible structure of traditional ERP products.

“ERP is an essential tool for any business, large or small, that wants to realise its full potential as a competitive entity, but ‘old school’ ERP systems have a stigma attached to them when it comes to pricing and training,” says Symington.

“That’s where SYMCO iQ is different, even though it includes all the advanced functionality – complete with a fully-fledged e-commerce front-end – as the larger ERP monoliths.”

“We’re moving away from conservative ERP,” adds SYMCO iQ co-founder Grant Edwards, “One of the single most cited reasons for failure in any startup business is the failure of its business systems. We’ve already started working with DVT and some of its clients with the aim of creating the basic building blocks around an ERP system that young companies can easily use and customise to build themselves up, mature and succeed.”

Symington and Edwards formalised SYMCO iQ 18 months ago, although they developed the core technology and product modules in 2008. Today the platform comprises more than 10 modules, including Finance, Orders, Catalogue, Human Resources, Facility Management, Asset Management, Manufacturing, Project Management, CRM, and Company Management.

The duo are also specialist architects in the fields of data management, data governance, business intelligence, software solution development, geo location aware services and travel booking solutions.

“Our goal is to give business owners the tools to easily access the information they need to run their companies successfully without losing focus on their core competency and passion,” says Symington. “It’s a goal we share with DVT and something that attracted us to the partnership, which we believe will in turn attract like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders as clients.”