Software development company DVT has expanded its agile training and consulting services with the launch of its Agile@DVT service in the Cape Town market.

Managed by Jenny Bellairs, regional director of DVT’s Project management and Agile Solutions, Agile@DVT is a culmination of DVT’s years’ of experience in implementing Agile software solutions for customers across South Africa, and is one of the few certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) consultancies in the country.

“We offer a unique combination of assessments, training and coaching designed to significantly improve the way our customers work using the full spectrum of Agile techniques and methodologies,” says Bellairs.

“Our consultants have extensive real-world experience so they understand the challenges – and the solutions to the challenges, and because we’re Agile-agnostic we can pinpoint the best solution without binding the customer to any particular methodology.”

DVT principal Agile consultant in Cape Town, Stephen de Villiers Graaff, says Agile@DVT is ideal for larger enterprises that have either stalled in their Agile implementations or are unsure how to scale their initially-successful deployments.

“Agile framework implementations, particularly in Cape Town, tend to be very team focused, which is fine in smaller companies,” says de Villiers Graaff.

“What’s missing is the rollup to portfolio and program levels typical of larger organisations, and that’s where Agile scaling comes in.

“We’re not just another Agile training academy; our goal is to support our customers with DVT’s proven combination of expert training and consulting, regardless of methodology, and help them maximise the value of their investments with enterprise-level SAFe services.”

“We recognise that although not all organisations will migrate to Agile methods completely and for all projects, the reality is that most of our customers run multiple projects and employ a combination of Waterfall and Agile methods,” says Bellairs.

Agile@DVT services include consulting and training in enterprise Agile adoption; consulting and training in change management; consulting and training in hybrid Waterfall/Agile models; and consulting and training in pure Agile and combined Scrum, Agile and Kanban methods.

The team comprises Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, change management specialists and even programme and project managers who actively advocate Agile practices in the execution of their discipline – everyone committed to seeing Agile succeed.

For more information on Agile@DVT, including upcoming training courses and ongoing consulting services, contact Jenny Bellairs at [email protected].