Mario Matthee, COO of the DVT Global Testing Centre

Software and solutions specialist DVT has promoted Mario Matthee to the position of Chief Operating Officer for the DVT Global Testing Centre (GTC).

Headquartered in Cape Town, the GTC launched in 2012 as an offshoot of DVT and has since grown to become one of South Africa’s largest specialist software test centres.

“One of the biggest changes in our operating model since our launch has been the rapid adoption of the GTC by global clients,” says Matthee.

“There are several factors that make it such an attractive proposition, notably the favourable exchange rate and our ability to deliver custom test automation and performance testing scripts perfectly aligned with the client’s business models and processes,” he says.

“Also, because we built the GTC around our homegrown software testing framework from 100 per cent open source code, clients don’t have to pay any license fees for their testing projects, and we can be up and running with a proof of concept within hours rather than the days or weeks it would take elsewhere.”

Matthee joined DVT in 2007, specialising in software testing to explore the potential of new technologies, specifically in the test automation space.

“Software testing has become a truly global discipline, which makes Mario’s new role at the DVT Global Testing Centre far more expansive than what it used to be,” says DVT CEO Jaco van der Merwe. “While DVT remains a locally-focused company, the GTC has grown its own wings and operates on a local and global scale, necessitating far more robust and outward-reaching leadership, which is what Mario brings to the table with his extensive experience and expertise.”

The GTC has already completed projects for several large global companies, notably in the UK but also in the U.S., Canada, greater Europe and Australia, with the promise of better communication, affordability and professional skills than testing centres in other regions.

“We continue to lead the field in mobile application testing, test automation and a small but growing complement of performance testing,” says Matthee. “We’re working on a global distributed team approach, so for example we’ve just signed a client using a new web-based application that has its development centre in eastern Europe but does all its testing with us here in Cape Town.

“Although we built our reputation on mobile app testing – and are in the process of establishing a mobile device farm to better service our mobile app clients – the GTC is proficient in all areas of manual and automated testing, from mobile apps to major mainframe platforms.”

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