Software development and testing company DVT is opening a satellite division of its Global Testing Centre (GTC) in Johannesburg. The move coincides with the company’s plans to service all of its Gauteng clients with the same end-to-end testing services currently only available from the Cape Town-based GTC, but with localised facilities and expertise.

Founded in 2015, the DVT GTC is the largest independent software testing facility of its kind in South Africa, offering local and global companies a turnkey portfolio of testing and development services, including manual, automated, performance and regression testing for desktop, web and mobile software applications.

DVT’s Executive Head: Global Testing Solutions and Western Cape MD, Jacques Fouche, says the GTC’s Gauteng satellite office will be built using the same blueprint the company used to seed the original GTC, but with all the experience it has gained over the past few years both locally and abroad.

“The plan is to start with a 15-seater facility based in our Randburg office, and drawing on the established resources of Dynamic Technologies company Dynamic DNA,” says Fouche.
“This will give us ample platform and capacity to start working with Gauteng-based clients immediately, and over time take ownership of these clients from their current project teams in Cape Town,” he says. “Not only will this help us add extra capacity to the rapidly-growing GTC, but will also give us the means to expand our testing and automation services with more tailored solutions for Gauteng based clients.”

“A second GTC facility also gives our staff living in both major centres an opportunity to move between regions for personal or career development, without having to look outside the company for these opportunities,” he adds. “Of course our clients can only benefit from improved regional access to GTC automation skills when it comes to more strategic engagements with us.”

DVT’s Global Testing Solution currently employs more than 240 testing professionals, backed by DVT’s 700-strong staff infrastructure across all major business regions in South Africa and, more recently, the UK. With a wealth of experience and knowledge across most business domains, DVT gives its clients a managed outsourced testing service based on the company’s proprietary, open-source software testing framework compatible with most continuous integration tools.

Its areas of expertise include automated regression testing, cross browser testing, device testing (including complementary access to a large and growing inventory of modern and legacy smart devices), performance testing and API Testing, among others.

“We hope to mirror most if not all of these services and domain expertise in Gauteng, and what we don’t have at launch we’ll look to rapidly build up in the near term,” says Fouche.
“That said the Gauteng team will be completely in sync with the GTC team in Cape Town, and will have the full resources of the Cape GTC team to call on regardless of the location of the client. We’re building up to a more geographically agile service, and our clients will only benefit as a result.”