GAAP Point of Sale (Pty) Ltd, the market leader in point of sale management solutions and integrations for the hospitality sector, recognised the need of replacing four point of sale technology stacks with a best of breed cloud-based point of sale and back-office management system. Software development and related services company DVT was selected to develop a consolidated, sustainable, streamlined solution offering easier maintenance and deployment capabilities for the benefit of all GAAP customers. 

With a footprint extending throughout South Africa and numerous African markets, GAAP has built a world-class reputation through 30 years of service delivery excellence. The business develops industry-leading software to accommodate a full range of payment solutions. 

“DVT provided a professional consulting service working in full collaboration and partnership with the GAAP team that not only realised GAAP’s requirements to achieve the first phase of a soft release, but also established a baseline from which GAAP can roll out the full point of sale solution to all their clients in the hospitality industry,” says Brendon Kleynhans, Product Manager at GAAP Point Of Sale.

GAAP took a strategic decision in 2016 to replace four point of sale technology stacks with a cloud-based point of sale and back office management solution, to offer its clients a sustainable and competitive solution into the future. The risk-based decision identified several significant benefits for the business and its clients, with greater workforce efficiencies, consolidated support and upskilling of staff providing an enhanced service offering. 

Four technology stacks were becoming onerous on the support team, maintenance and deployment were increasingly cumbersome and older technology meant increased skills challenges. Replacing the existing Windows-based software was a critical point in the journey of the GAAP business.

GAAP was seeking a collaborative project partner with Agile capability and infrastructure capacity to base a team on-site at GAAP head office in KwaZulu-Natal for the duration of the project. The business required technical expertise and resource velocity to develop their identified cloud-based point of sale solution. DVT provided an integrated Agile-powered team, including a Business Analyst, Technical Lead and Developers that were able to accelerate the pace of the project and add significant value through their flexible Agile approach. 

In addition, DVT provided skills transfer of Agile principles to the GAAP team. DVT’s Agile approach enabled the teams to rapidly adjust when a decision was made to move the development platform from Angular 1 to AngularJS 2 (open-source front-end framework backed by Google) six months into the project. The project build took into account the required functionality, with adaptive planning, continual improvement and evolutionary development also reflecting DVT’s Agile approach. 

The project, which commenced in March 2016, aimed to deliver an integrated solution in March 2020 that accommodates different payment solutions for a multitude of clients. Planned as a phased approach, the first project milestone was to build a product based on the requirements of a basic takeaway outlet. Once trialed with one specified customer, the solution will be further developed to a soft release that incorporates client-side model-view-controller (MVC) architectures, and ultimately rolled out to all GAAP clients. 

Ongoing integrations will ensure the solution continues to accommodate a comprehensive range of payment solutions, including fingerprint readers, biometrics, mobile vouchering and loyalty systems. 

GAAP measured DVT in terms of its Agile technology, team accessibility, technical expertise and skills transfer capabilities. DVT scored well on all four Key Performance Indicators. Working in real-time collaboration with GAAP, DVT enabled the client to reach the identified project milestone.