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South-African Salesforce and Google Cloud Partner CloudSmiths recently used their expansive knowledge and the expertise of their Dubai-based team to enhance mobile car services CAFU’s Salesforce environment. CloudSmiths, a Dynamic Technologies group company, is a preferred Salesforce partner in Dubai. CAFU is the top fuel delivery and vehicle services app in Dubai, and this partnership led to remarkable success, streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and positioning CAFU as the top fuel delivery and time-saving vehicle services app in Dubai.

The CAFU app allows users to order and pay for petrol and diesel delivery in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain. The app works for personal or business use and can be utilised to order fuel deliveries for cars, motorcycles, generators, and trucks, as well as boats, jet skis and other watercraft at selected marinas in Dubai.

CAFU for Business provides an on-demand fleet fuelling service, in addition to fuel consumption and expense tracking. The benefits are numerous as the app offers contactless payment, the same petrol price as the petrol station, no delivery fees, and no queues. Rationalised and efficient operations are crucial to the success of these services.

By leveraging their expertise in Salesforce Field Service Cloud, CloudSmiths significantly enhanced CAFU’s platform, resulting in streamlined operations and superior customer experiences. The collaboration led to optimised performance and increased operational efficiency. CloudSmiths implemented tailored solutions to address CAFU’s specific needs, enabling flawless fuel delivery operations and positioning the app as number one for fuel delivery in Dubai. They employed several technologies to achieve seamless and efficient results, including Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, and Custom Salesforce Dev.

“CAFU initially approached us for assistance with some technological issues,” says Patrick Eriksen, CloudSmiths’ Head of Marketing. He adds, “Once we showed the team the value we could add to their business, we were able to solidify ourselves as their Salesforce partner of choice. CAFU has also continued to use CloudSmiths as their preferred Salesforce partner, due to our deep level of understanding of Salesforce products and experienced consultants.”

The CloudSmiths commitment to delivering high-quality solutions has earned them the status of the incumbent Salesforce partner in Africa and the Middle East. This trust allows the business to continue supporting and enhancing the Salesforce environment, ensuring ongoing innovation and satisfaction. Their collaboration with CAFU highlights the power of a strong partnership. CloudSmiths’ expertise in Salesforce Field Service Cloud, combined with their dedication to delivering results, has propelled CAFU to the forefront of the industry in Dubai.

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