From Left: Founder of DVT and now CEO of Dynamic Technologies Chris Wilkins; DVT CEO Dr Jaco van der Merwe; DVT MD for United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Middle East Jason Bramsden; and DVT MD for Southern Africa Chris Visser

DVT, a Dynamic Technologies group company, is a leading global custom software and data engineering company.

With more than 600 staff and 500 completed projects and counting, as well as eight global offices and a presence in major cities across the world – including in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Kenya, and United Arab Emirates – it is a truly international company.

DVT has also recently celebrated an impressive 25 years in the industry.

With such an expansive territory, it’s only natural that DVT has gathered a strong leadership team that embraces its transnational nature. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and practical experience to the business.

Dr Jaco van der Merwe is the CEO of DVT, and in this role he has worked tirelessly to ensure the company makes a global impact. He joined DVT in 2005 and says, “It was a pivotal moment personally and professionally. Back then, we were a small team with big dreams.”

He adds, “I have been passionate about software solutions since I wrote my first software programme on a ZX Spectrum in primary school! Leading a team of IT professionals at DVT who share this passion is immensely rewarding and a great privilege.”

Always an agile and flexible company, DVT has remained at the forefront of technology, adapting to change and embracing technologies such as cloud computing, UX/UI design, and the integration of AI solutions into software development.

“The industry has undergone tremendous changes, but our adaptability and commitment to solving complex problems have always set us apart,” says van der Merwe.

Jason Bramsden joined DVT in 2020 and is the MD for DVT United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Middle East. He has been a coder since the age of six, and with his background in Information Technology augmented by a driving interest in strategy and solutions to solve big problems, Bramsden is hands on when it comes to helping his customers and team excel.

He says, “Over the past four years, DVT has rapidly expanded internationally thanks to the high level of skill shown by our South African engineers in conjunction with a similar time zone to many of our clients.”

“In my role, I provide our international clients with a better approach than the larger software consultancies, providing solutions quicker at a lower cost. Part of my job is to ensure that DVT builds long-standing relationships with our clients.”

It’s this investment in long-term partnership and providing real value to clients that has seen DVT succeed and grow, overcoming challenges and some trying times along the way.

Chris Visser is the DVT MD for Southern Africa. He recently celebrated 20 years with DVT – an inspiring milestone and testament to his belief in the company. His role is to support companies in building fit-for-purpose solutions, enterprise software, and business intelligence solutions.

He says, “I have a passion for creating business value by combining people, processes, and technology in repeatable and scalable ways. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with different companies across diverse industries in myriad disciplines.”

“I am appreciative of the client relationships we have nurtured and retained over the last 25 years, the trust they have put in DVT to tackle mission critical challenges and how the DVT team has rallied together to meet and exceed our client expectations.”

Chris Wilkins is the CEO of Dynamic Technologies. As its founder, he has been with DVT since its inception and has remained integral to the company’s growth. For Wilkins, it has always been a collaborative effort.

“The DVT journey from inception to today has been characterised by a tremendous team effort. Every single person played their part. I am just grateful that today, the fundamental ethos of working hard, being competitive and acting with integrity remains in place.”

“DVT will continue with global growth across our core jurisdictions and is graduating from a new global player to an established and recognised provider of valuable solutions.”

DVT is committed to delivering exceptional service, innovation, and excellence. Their leadership circle is integral to this, and they share the common goal of continued growth and global expansion.

Ready to embrace the future, van der Merwe says, “We welcome the challenges and the opportunities that are to come.”

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