Art T-shirt printing company chooses the Epson SC-F2000 for top-quality production

Seeking the best possible equipment for their T-shirt printing business called To-a-T, Berhold and Rachelle Alheit recently acquired an Epson SC-F2000 T-shirt printer – a purchase which has made a huge difference to their company’s output, both in terms of time and quality.

To-a-T prides itself in printing unique digital artwork – designed by Rachelle – onto top-quality T-shirts, but setting it apart from its competitors required the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) technology, a speciality product provided by Epson.

“The fashion industry is a tough one, and breaking into this competitive industry requires the best possible textiles and equipment,” says Berthold, “we initially used a local company to print some of Rachelle’s artwork onto T-shirts, but were not at all happy with the quality of the images, or the rate of output.”

Berthold explains that they decided to launch their own T-shirt printing business, to print Rachelle’s works but also to give others the opportunity to see their art successfully transferred onto high-quality garments.

“After two disappointing DTG printer purchases, we bought an Epson SC-F2000 printer from Graham Beck of Chemosol, [an Epson Specialist Reseller] – and we have not looked back since,” says Berthold.

“Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printhead, with a resolution of up to 1440x1440dpi, means the printer offers accurate dot shape and placement, which is particularly important for the printing of intricate artworks,” says Beck. “Its wide colour gamut produces vibrant colours, sharp contours, and smooth gradations on fabrics in all colours including black, meaning that Berthold’s exacting standards are met and he is able to produce garments that he and Rachelle are proud of.”

The Epson SC-F2000 can print a single garment in as little as 27 seconds, making production quick and easy – and it can achieve precise results on fabric up to 25mm thick. The printed area on the fabric is soft against the skin, making T-shirts comfortable but still hard-wearing. The Epson SC-F2000 is certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Product Class 1, which means that it is safe to print on textiles for adults, children and babies.

Berthold has been particularly impressed by the minimal maintenance requirements of the Epson SC-F2000 printer, noting that it is so efficient that it cleans itself every morning!

“While the Epson ink may be a little more expensive than others in this class, the printer’s efficiency means that we do not waste ink in multiple trial runs,” he says. “It is easy to set the printer’s colour calibration, and I’ve never had to print more than one make-ready shirt. In fact, the first print is most often perfectly colour correct, which saves us time and money in the long run.”

Having printed more than 1000 high quality T-shirts in the first three months of owning the Epson SC-F2000 printer, Berthold notes that purchasing replacement ink from Chemosol is an efficient, easy process, with his purchases being delivered in less than 48 hours from ordering.

“On the few occasions that I have needed technical assistance, Graham and his team have been ready, willing and able to help – even on weekends,” he says. “I am thrilled that we have finally found a direct-to-garment printer that does Rachelle’s artworks justice – and we’ve done it with the help of the great team at Chemosol.”