High Colour Light Output (CLO) ratios offer the best-in-class image quality

Epson, the world’s leader in projector technology has launched four new projectors to the South African market: The Epson EB-1430Wi and EB-1985WU projectors for business; the Epson EB-585Wi for education environments and the Epson EH-TW570 for home cinemas.

“These new projectors offer brighter images with vivid colours, because Epson measures the Colour Light Output (CLO) of its projectors, rather than just measuring the white light that they produce,” says Kelvin Reynolds, general manager for Epson South Africa. “The quality of a projector’s CLO is as important as that of its white light output, and measuring the brightness of red, green, blue and white lights equally, is the only way to ensure that the best possible image is reflected.”

Serious about business

The Epson EB-1430Wi ultra-short-throw interactive projector features finger-touch and dual pen capability, a high brightness level of 3,300 lumens that matches the resolution and aspect display of most laptops. With up to a 100-inch screen-size, a multi-source video conference and presentation can be displayed in split-screen, without compromising on image size.

The Epson EB-1985WU desktop projector with its 4,800 lumens of CLO offers crisp, clear images and full HD resolution. Wide-ranging connectivity includes two HDMI inputs, MHL and Intel WiDi/Wi-Fi Certified Miracast technology. Users can display and control content from their Apple and Android devices using the Epson iProjection application, while the Automatic Screen Fit function adjusts focus, zoom, horizontal and vertical keystone all at the touch of a button.

Learning in colour

The Epson EB-585Wi ultra-short-throw projector delivers high-quality classroom presentations with a large, widescreen image. Multi-PC projection software allows teachers and students to share the content simultaneously, while the moderator function keeps teachers in control at all times. With a CLO output of 3,300 lumens that delivers sharp, clear images even in daylight, the Epson EB-585W offers a lamp life of up to 6,000 hours.

“It’s always been a challenge to hold the attention of students in a classroom, but it’s obvious that if images being projected as part of course material are dull and lacklustre, attention is going to wander,” says Dean Jules, projector account manager at Epson South Africa. “This is why it is important to know the colour light output of a projector. When the white and coloured light outputs are matched, images are brighter, clearer, and more engaging – with the likely result that students will pay more attention. Epson’s projectors for the education market have been designed with this specifically in mind.”

From living rooms to wide open spaces

The Epson EH-TW570 home theatre projector offers brilliant image quality and high colour light output, as well as a split screen feature that allows you to display content from two inputs simultaneously. A turbo mode reduces lag time during gaming, and the projector supports all 3D content – 3D glasses (sold separately) can be connected smoothly via Bluetooth.

“This new projector range offers responsive solutions for diverse projection environments that require outstanding image quality, ease of use, and high-quality performance,” says Reynolds. “These projectors are available through Epson’s specialist resellers, who offer top-notch support and after-sales service.”